Chapter two: sad not mad

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Riley's POV.

"Maya, what's wrong?" I asked her, she looked so upset.

"Nothing, just let me go, I want to go home" she replied.

"Maya you can't go home alone, it's almost 1 a.m., I thought that after the boys left we were doing a sleepover" I was really trying but I didn't understand what was going on.

"Riles, stop trying to make me smile, I'm not a hopeless romantic like you, I already told you, I don't expect people to do things, I don't expect people to care about me. Know what? I just had my first kiss and I have NOBODY to tell about it! Nobody to tell me 'I'll beat up that boy' nobody to tell that person 'sweetie don't be so jealous! She's growing up!' I don't Riley, I am not like you " She sounded pissed but I knew she was just broken.

"You have me..." I muttered

"You know what I mean Riley"

She said and started walking away.

"Maya Hart come right here now, you are not allowed to leave this building!" I stated

"I won't" she replied and walked away.

Of course I knew what she meant, she meant she didn't have a family.. I also knew she was right but at the same time she wasn't , my family was her family, I was her family.

After a while standing in the doorstep, I finally got inside, looking for her now wasn't a good idea.

"What happened?" Farkle and Lucas asked at the same time.

"Nothing, she's alright" I replied.

"Did I do something wrong? Where is she?" Lucas asked

"You didn't, don't worry, she's not mad at you or anyone" I muttered

"Okay then..." Farkle looked at me to see if I was telling the truth.

"The pizza is here!" I clumsily reached for my keys after listening to the doorbell and laughed when I tripped.

I was just trying to get things to sound okay, but they were not okay and both, Lucas and Farkle knew that.

Maya's POV.

I sat on the corner of an aisle and started crying. I am Maya Hart, I don't do crying! Why was I even so emotional?! I never had a family, why would that matter now if it didn't matter then?!

Suddenly , a man carrying two trash bags walked past me.

"Maya?" He asked

"M..Mr Matthews?!" I quickly cleaned my tears, but they wouldn't stop coming out of my eyes.

"Maya what are you doing here?" He asked

"Leave me alone Mr. Matthews" I told him

"Maya , I'm here for you, I'm your family, you can tell me" he insisted

"No you are not, I don't have a family" I turned around so I wasn't facing him

"Oh, so this is why you're here. Maya, I don't know how to make you understand you do have a family, Topanga and I love you, Auggie loves you and Riley loves you. And you mother, she loves you too" he said , why would he even bring my mother up?!

"She doesn't. Please leave me alone"

"Okay, you're sleeping at our house tonight, I'll have your bed ready" he stated and started walking.

"Wait... Mr. Matthews?" I muttered

"Yes Maya?"

"Thank you" I said

"I'm always here for you"

"I know"

When Mr. Matthews left I realized I wasn't supposed to be crying there, that maybe I should go back... because I may be broken, but I'm Maya Hart, and Maya Hart is not weak.

I swallowed all my pride and went back inside.

"Maya!" Riley said happily.

"Yup, here I am kiddo" I answered, sounding as if nothing happened.

"Maya.." Lucas started saying "Can I talk to you?"

"Sure" I answered.


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