Chapter eleven: Such a brat

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This is a very short chapter but it's also a really deep one


Maya's POV.

How can I be so stupid? Did I actually thought he liked me?

Tears were rushing down my face

"Maya..." I heard Lucas as he touched my arm to turn me around

"Don't look at me" I said but he insisted on turning me around

"I said DONT, Lucas" I yelled and freed from his arm

"Maya listen, I'm not embarrassed"

"I don't believe you, why would I?!" I screamed

"Stop acting like a brat! I am not embarrassed of you, but if you go on acting like this I won't want to continue this" he replied in an angry voice

"So you think I'm acting like a brat?" I turned around, my face was red and tears wouldn't stop coming out of my eyes "Maybe you could use that brain of yours and understand that I've been abandoned by men my whole life, THAT MY OWN FATHER, doesn't want to see me!!! If you could just stop thinking about yourself and understand why I may be insecure with relationships!! If you could just think a bit and see that I have trust issues! But you can't! You just think that because I seem to be hysterical for a second i'm a brat!!!! Im sure that's what my dad thought when he left me!" I yelled and tried to clean my tears but I couldn't.

Talking about my dad , saying all the things I said.. It was...

"Maya.. I...didn't..

"Whatever Lucas, Just leave me alone." I said and left


What do you think? Realllllly deep chapter!

How do you think the master plan will turn out?

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