Ch.20 - so what's next? I Really Don't Know...

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Ch.20 - so what's next? I Really Don't Know...

You hummed gently, watching the eggs sizzle in the pan below. The smell of rice and veggies was already strong and the plates behind you were waiting for the last part of the meal to be served. You spun on your heels as you took the pan and plopped the eggs on top of the rice with a whistle.

The skillet next dumped into the sink to be washed later and the omelet rices finished for the morning. You picked up the serving tray holding both plates and some drinks. Your legs carrying you back to the bedroom where you spotted your lover.

He was still passed out, breathing in slightly as the rays of sunshine on his face seemed to not affect him in the slightest. You chuckled softly, seeing how, unlike when he was awake, while he slept, Bakugou showed off a very peaceful and content expression.

You successfully got into bed. Placing the tray on your nightstand and then turning to him. Gently shaking the male and trying to wake him up. Your lips pouting when you began to discover that it was much harder than it looked to wake up this sleepy ash blonde. In fact, it seemed as if he was pulling your leg and pretending to sleep.

But from how shallow his breathing was and that you knew he wasn't the type to do these things... especially sleeping all night and most of the morning, you were growing worried. You had woken up after about three hours of sleep feeling rested, but he was still asleep. And now... it's been nearly ten hours since you had awoken.

For a normal human this was normal, but for Bakugou... this was abnormal. He was always the type to not sleep any more than two hours at a time, no matter what. So him still dozing and not showing any signs of wanting to wake up... had indeed brought you to shaking him in a rather violent way.

"Come on..." You begged, moving from his shoulder to his face.

Calm features and closed eyes greeting you. Your mind allowing your body to the first idea it had on how to wake him up. Taking your finger, you gently rubbed it under his nose, ticking the male. His eyes scrunched together and then suddenly his eyes opened up and he sat up. You pulled your digit away as he sneezed.

"The hell was that for...?" He groggily spoke. "I was fucking sleeping..."

"Yeah, I know..." You sighed, pointing to the digital clock on his nightstand. "For nearly 14 hours."

He blinked. "Fuck... was it seriously that long?"

You nodded, worry flashing over your eyes. "Katsuki... should I be worried? You never sleep in general and when you did it's only an hour at a time. This is... not normal for you."

He chuckled lowly, moving his hand upwards and gracing it against where there was once a matching set of circular marks. "Normal for me ended when these shits disappeared suddenly..."

You inhaled sharply. He was finally talking about it, and you would make sure to listen as to respect him. Bakugou had always been someone who had a hard time opening up about things, you knew that well... but seeing as he was still trying to let you in, you wanted to make sure he knew you were taking him and his feelings seriously.

"I'm willing to listen when you want to talk." You smiled at him, connecting your hands. "Oh! I made breakfast as well!"

He watched as you pulled forward a large tray of food. One plate for you and one for him. The Japanese rice and eggs meal making him smile. You had been learning how to make more of the food he was accustomed to since getting together... and this meal might be his favorite that you make.

"Well... not like I could sleep through your... interesting... cooking." He grumbled, taking his plate, digging in before you could lightly slap his shoulder playfully.

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