Ch.16 - Out of My arms Again, but Not like Last time

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Ch.16 - Out of My arms Again, but Not like Last time

The buzzing of the electronic device on the countertop was nothing new, and like it had been treated for the last five days, the only attention it would receive would be from the delicate set of fingers gently pressing the button and silencing it. Sending the caller directly to voicemail.

The act both allowing the male on the other side of the line to know you were still alive and well, but also still unbelievably mad at him and not willing to even allow him to hear your voice through the electronic device.

You let out a slightly deep sigh, not wanting anyone to pick up on how you had made a habit of doing this as of late. And knowing how the slightly nosy and worrisome fairy and alchemist had already been struggling to give you space since you had shown up at their home in tears and asking to stay for a while... you knew to not worry them any more than you already were.

And thus, you had filled your time and shoved your thoughts of him aside by spending time with the small little albino girl who was delighted that your sleepover at her home was crossing over into the fifth day now.

Currently, Eri was dipping the newly made caramel apple into some sprinkles and rolling it about as you watched her. Eyes off your phone once more and back onto her. She had a happy expression on her face, finger in her mouth as she had just 'sneakily' stolen some of the caramel from the bowl when you had momentarily taken the chance to silence your pesky device again.

"Can we do the chocolate chips next?" Eri asked. "Chocolate and caramel and apple might taste good together!"

You nodded, sticking the stick on the next apple and then putting the fruit into the warm caramel on the stove. The fruit coated in the burnt sugar and smelling almost a bit too familiar to you. Your mind wandering back to him and how he always had this scent on him for an odd reason. It had always made you chuckle before, but now, with your heart in painful places... it only made you sad.

Eri, whether because of what she was or she was just observant, seemed to take notice of your state as the days went on, especially today at her request to make the treats. Her little hands gripping together as she was handed the apple and started to roll the chocolate chips onto it.

"Do you not like these treats?" She whimpered. "I'm sorry..."

You blinked, coming back to the kitchen and the small little girl in front of you. She had stopped rolling the apple, resulting in the chocolate chips sticking more than you liked and the caramel that had yet to be touched starting to drip down and get onto her fingers.

"No, no, Eri-chan." You told her, placing your hands onto hers and helping finish off the apple. "I'm just lost in some thought today is all."

Eri nodded slowly, some part of her assuming it to be that blonde vampire, but from what Uraraka had told her... to not bring him up. Apparently, you and he were hurting and she didn't want to make either of you hurt more.

She knew what it was like to feel hurt... and the last thing the girl wanted to do was hurt you. Especially when you had taught her to make so many goodies in the last few days. She had assumed that her favorite treat would make you feel better, but it looked like it wasn't and thus, Eri was starting to feel bad for it.

"Are you sure?" Eri spoke softly, helping you place the misshapen apple next to the three others. "You didn't have to make these with me if-"

"Nonsense." You told her, squeezing her hands reassuringly. "I haven't made caramel apples in a long time, it was fun to make them again. Especially with a cutie like you."

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