Ch.5 - Let's Deal With This Bullshit So I Can Deal With My Own

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Ch.5 - Let's Deal With This Bullshit So I Can Deal With My Own

The small wooden hut was lit by a large fire in the middle. Antlers, skins, and other artifacts decorated the walls of the room. In front of them all, their hosts had been kind enough to offer tea or coffee and a few cookies. The woman who had given them out having said that they were to bring back the strength and fires in their chests.

Bakugou boredly watched the fairy next to him. Seeing as she had already eaten three of the shortbread cookies and was currently putting four sugar cubes into her tea. He held back a gag, not understanding how she could eat so much of that sugary crap. What a weirdo...

Next to him sat the half-angel, having chosen coffee over the tea. Muttering something about no tea being as good as the kind you made. Deku was next to the half-and-half and then next to him was the new hunter. The one with the eye bags and bored face that could rival his at this moment.

"We apologize for having to call you out here and on such short notice as well." One of the older women spoke. "But... we've reached a point where we are beginning to fear for the safety of all those who live here."

Midoriya shook his head. "No no... I'm more than happy to help. But some elaboration on the information you've already shared would be helpful."

The older woman looked at the older man next to her. His old and wrinkled face sighing as he nodded slowly. The pair took a seat as the younger woman made her rounds to refill and replenish the drinks and biscuits she had given out.

"It started about three weeks ago." The man started. "A few children had gone missing, and so we asked around the forest. No one had any idea what had happened... from the trolls to the elves, to the fairies... none of them had seen what happened to the children or what to do.

It was a few days later that we found out from all the groups mentioned above... that the younger ones from their own kind had vanished as well. Soon enough, most of the children from all who live here had disappeared. Its as if they've vanished.

And now... some of the young adults are starting to disappear as well. We fear that someone or something is snatching them up. And with the short daylight hours still present... it's proven difficult to fend off things that lurk in the darkness."

"We called a hunter about a week ago." The older woman spoke up, motioning towards Shinsou. "Shinsou managed to find a few leads... and we know that it is multiple someone's who are taking people away from their homes... but he suggested a bigger party come and join in."

"I'll explain from here." Shinsou nodded towards the Sami elders. "While I'm certain I've found where the people have been taken... my own abilities are not strong enough to take out an entire group of people. And from what I assume they are doing... I thought it would be best to bring you in, Midoriya."

"And what exactly are they doing?" Uraraka muttered, a sinking feeling in her gut from her question.

"It's much easier to say what they are and what they believe..." Shinsou sighed, eyes flashing frustration in them. "I'm sure you've all heard rumors of the Imperial Cult before... correct?"

The tension in the room seemed to grow at the mention of the organization. So much so that even the vampire's attention had been caught.

"Rumor has it that the leader Chisaki Kai and his followers are attempting to make him some sort of God... and seeing as they can get away with a lot of crimes this far up north due to the terrain... it's been difficult to stop what they are planning on doing."

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