Ch.4 - Nostalgia is always the roadblock towards tomorrow

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Ch.4 - Nostalgia is always the roadblock towards tomorrow

As it turns out, the plan for how to go about telling you about their pasts was not as planned out as you had hoped for. But when both Kaminari and Mina had started talking at once, you could only watch on while fighting the urge to laugh.

They both seemed strangely excited to tell you and had forgotten that you'd only be able to listen to one of them at a time. It was a short-lived moment though, and soon Mina was laughing herself.

"Y-you go, Kaminari." She laughed, a smile crossing over her features. "I can't tell mine and Kiri's stories now that I'm laughing so hard."

"Hell yeah!" Kaminari declared. "I get to go first!"

You nestled into the couch as Mina sat down next to Kirishima on the floor. The poor werewolf already exhausted from his more excitable friends. Kaminari pondered a moment, tapping his chin.

"Well I guess to start, I'll go over how an incubus or a succubus is created." He nodded towards himself as if trying to act like he was a well spoken and mature person.

"From the loss of virginity and combination of the lust of the two who lost it." You answered, watching as Kaminari blinked his eyes.

"How-" He paused and looked at you with a long face. "Oh yeah... you were raised to be a hunter..."

You giggled, your tongue sticking out playfully towards the straw-haired male. Kaminari shook his head, a smile of his own on his features. He snapped his fingers and looked back towards you.

"Well I guess I can skip that part then and just jump into my own personal accounts!" He beamed. "So, I came to be around the mid-20th century. Of the seven classes of hell, I was born to the lust class."

He paused a moment, seeming to mull over what to say next. In the end, he seemed to decide on the more blunt way of sharing this information. And with a smirk on his features, one you felt as if were placed there by force... Kaminari spoke his next few words.

"The couple who created me had a different view of sex than most people do... and so I was deemed to be an outlier. So they kicked me outta hell in the 1950's!"

He seemed quite fond of this statement, maybe even a bit proud. For you though, it seemed to be one you needed much more information of. And so, you held up your hand shyly, and with a wink Kaminari gave you the okay to talk.

"Ummm... could you elaborate a bit more... on you personally, Kaminari?"

He laughed, understanding your slight confusion.

"Yeah, no problem. Well... the people who gave me my existence saw sex like a way to connect to someone... to be with them in a way that you can't with anyone else. To allow you to actually see someone and put your walls down for them and only them.

What they didn't know... is that for incubi, those thoughts is how I view it myself. And well... I was outside of the norm because of it. Most others I spent time with saw sex as something that well... you do to feel good and all that usual stuff.

I don't though... and because I never wanted to just do it for the sake of my class, the other incubi and succubi basically banished me from our dimension. And I've been here in this world ever since."

"Buncha assholes..." Mina spoke, her hand balling up.

"Relax, Ashido." Kaminari told her, putting his thumb up. "I like this place much better anyway. People are actually more lively and have more than three emotions here!"

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