Ch.6 - Sinking Into Memories I Don't Want To Revisit

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Ch.6 - Sinking Into Memories I Don't Want To Revisit

The sun gleamed above his head, striking his face at the perfect angle. No matter what direction he turned, he seemed unable to move the sunshine out of his vision. It appeared that despite his best efforts, the male would no longer be able to keep sleeping away the day.

His bare feet touched the floor, the long linen fabric covering all the way down to his knees. The bamboo flooring creaked under his feet as he walked towards the window and glared out towards the noises of the village outside.

People seemed to be moving quickly, carrying products and having their animals push a cart full of the items. The morning was always so noisy, and he wasn't very fond of them. Even so, his eyes fell onto the image of someone sitting outside the door to his home. The same book in his hands and his own green kimono getting dirty as he sat on the dirt road.

"Katsuki!" His mother called to him as he ruffled his locks. "Hurry and get dressed! The Midoriya's son has been waiting for you to get your lazy ass up since dawn! He wants to go exploring or something... so don't keep your friend waiting!"

His lips fell downward, as he glared at the thin flooring. Of course, Deku was here... when was he not? Always a thorn stuck to his side, even when he made it clear he wanted to be left alone. But that samurai wannabe never gave up it seemed...

Bakugou didn't want to deal with the demon that was his mother though, and so, he did as told. Putting on his own beige kimono and moving towards where his mother was. She was in the tea room, making a brew for his father who was no doubt making their living selling the kimonos to the people of their village.

Mitsuki lifted a gaze to her young son when he came into view, a few parts of his attire messed up or already sagging. She clicked her tongue, coming forward to him and fixing it. Bakugou remained still, a glare on his features.

"Your face is going to be stuck like that if you continue to frown." She warned him, wetting her thumb and scrubbing away a dirt mark on his face. "And don't go playing in the mud! I'm sick of cleaning up after you!"

"It's your damn job, old hag..." He muttered, shoving her away and grabbing the wooden sword near the door where his shoes also rested.

Mitsuki shook her head. "Don't be late for dinner!"

Bakugou ignored her, slamming the sliding paper door shut as he jumped toward the dirt road. A puff of dust rising as his feet hit the road, sending Midoriya into a coughing fit. Bakugou looked on with a gleam, already showing his displeasure towards the green male being here.

"K-Kacchan. That's not funny!" Midoriya cried as he rubbed the dirt off his face.

"Shut up Deku... what do you want?" He spoke, dragging the sword behind him as Deku was quick to follow after him. "And where are the others?"

"They all started helping out at home... since their parents thought they were old enough." Deku muttered. "I wonder when our parents will let us help out at the shop?"

Bakugou grumbled, remembering how his parents just had to hire Deku's mother as an extra set of hands to help with the sewing and fabric making. And thus... seeing as neither family thought either son was ready to start learning the art of making clothes... Bakugou and Midoriya were the only two left of their friend group who were not working.

"Kacchan?" Deku spoke, looking up as the older boy started to head to the forest on the outskirts of the village. "Where are you going?"

Bakugou's lips pulled into a smirk. "We're going to play samurai and ninjas! I'll be the heroic samurai and you can be the evil ninja."

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