Ch.12 - Familiar Faces In the Crowd

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Ch.12 - Familiar Faces In the Crowd

(AN- An early update? Well of course! It's Bakugou's birthday today! (April 20th!) Therefore I am updating early in honor of his special day! Enjoy the read every one!)

"I hate this..."

You ignored his complaining and continued on, holding his hand to make sure he couldn't escape. Your fingers interlaced with his as you gave him a squeeze. Bakugou's carmine eyes turning to look at you with a slight sneer on his lips as the reusable bags on your shoulders swung lazily as you walked.

"Relax!" You told him. "We won't be long. Just some lunch with the usual suspects and then some light shopping. Then you can go home and be a recluse again!"

Bakugou rolled his eyes, seeing as the past week had been full of you dragging him out and buying all sorts of things. Your mind forgetting the strange messages Eri had told you, thinking it to be nothing more then the imagination of a child. What else could you rationalize it as? And with money to burn, it wasn't hard to get distracted and forget about the messages.

Apparently, the paycheck he got was worth more than you were expecting and thus you and he had decided to spend some of it on fixing things around the apartment, replacing the broken stuff. And now after it was all done... you had asked if he wanted to do a little splurging today at the local Farmer's Market.

There was still way too much money left over, but after today's little adventure it would be going into the savings account in case something happened and one or both of you needed it. But seeing how even he preferred the fresh market peppers over the ones at the shitty grocery store... he was sold on the idea of splurging a little today for him and you.

Only for the thought of having some time alone with you ruined when you mentioned how the background characters in his life wanted to meet up for lunch as a group. But... then again, seeing as his distance had made you sad as of late... he knew he owed you something today.

Especially since you hadn't bothered him about the bandage on his neck as much as he expected you to do. His initial response of getting hurt in Finland and how it was a longer injury to heal even for him settling things for the first few days... but the last three he felt your eyes on him and his wrapped neck more than usual.

His search for answers wasn't going terribly well though... and so he could only hope you'd give him a little more time before he told you. He was going to tell you, he swore to himself... after all despite all the efforts you made to not get as angered by lies, he still knew it would take one bad one to undo all that progress. And he didn't want to be the one to do it. Not when the pair of you had also moved on from so much and were finally happy with one another... and the life you shared.

He needed just a little more time... and he'd make it up to you. He was sure of it. As sure as the rectangle box that was now always on his pocket... seeming to be waiting for the right moment.

The images of food stands and a few trucks were soon in your vision, as well as the people you recognized standing under a nearby tree getting some shade on this hot day. A strange day seeing as the weather has been mild and cool, but welcomed for this day out.

"Look who finally made it!" Kirishima smiled widely, puffing his chest out and laughing at his own little teasing tone.

"Shut up..." Bakugou growled and you squeezed his hand to calm him.

"Sorry sorry!" You apologized. "We got caught up making a list for what we wanted to get... but we are here now!"

"Making grocery lists now?" Mina cracked a smug smile. "My my... how domestic of you Bakugou..."

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