Ch.13 - All i Wanted Was One Nice Day...

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Ch.13 - All i Wanted Was One Nice Day...

Your legs felt like they were ready to give out at any moment. Trying to avoid people was becoming hard and your chest was on fire. So worried about getting away from the man who was pursuing you with a stake you failed to notice the uneven pavement.

Your foot caught against it and your ankle popped as you fell forward, skidding across the ground and cracking open your skin of precious blood and allowing it to spill carelessly on the ground like a child would spill milk on the floor.

Heaving and trying to find the strength to move once more, your gaze couldn't help but fall onto a pair of old and torn combat boots that stood right in front of you. The stains of red, brown, and black meeting your eyes, the same stains you had memorized as a child and would be able to tell easily if there was a new stain.

And the new one this time was a splotched of red sinking into a section of the green. Your blood becoming part of the stains of the murdered and killed. And with a pained whine, you huddled in on yourself and trembled harshly.

Not again... you were not ready. You wanted to still live and be with your friends. You wanted to get over this hurdle with Katsuki... you wanted to see him once more at the least. Tell him how much you loved him... and how you'd always love him.

"Pathetic..." Your father spat. "Now... allow me to do what needs to be done."

His words were a paralyzing venom of their own... and you froze. Unable to move, you closed your eyes and hoped by some miracle... this wasn't real.


Apparently, this stand had the best blueberries around. The plump berries sat in a large crate, one he didn't know if he was supposed to eat just himself. There were a lot of berries after all, and he was just one person. What was he supposed to do with so many blueberries?

"Um sir?" A small girl dressed in a t-shirt and overalls asked him as he stared at the fruit. "Can I help you?"

Todoroki paused a moment, looking between the girl and the crate of blueberries, looking quite confused to see them in the green and yellow cardboard. He pointed to the berries and her eyes looked at what he was pointing at.

"Do I have to purchase this many?" He asked, not sure how farmer's markets worked in the slightest

"Oh no." The worker shook her head, pulling out a small square of berries that made up about a sixth of the crate. "You can buy a quart if the six-pack is too much for you."

"Oh." Todoroki blinked, seeing as two of those would be perfect for him. "I didn't know there were smaller ones in between them.

The female nodded, letting out a small laugh as she noticed another customer join the queue and knew she had to move Todoroki along so she could help him next. Todoroki seemed to have decided on what he wanted, so she asked him what he would like to buy.

"Just two of the small ones." He spoke and the female nodded, turning her back and grabbing a two-pack holder for him to carry.

"You're buying these just in time, it's a good time to buy blueberries right now-" She blinked as she turned around and froze her speech.

"Is everything okay, miss?" Todoroki asked, seeing as she was looking around with a confused expression.

She didn't answer him back, instead looking around and then sighing. Putting the berries down and then pulling out her phone.

"Guess he changed his mind..." She muttered, waiting for the next customer to come.

Todoroki rose a brow. He left? He was still standing right here... and still had the cash in his hand for the berries. As he was about to open his mouth and ask if the worker was feeling alright, he was interrupted by someone speaking behind him.

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