Ch.9 - The Tendencies of an Idiot Incubus

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Ch.9- The Tendencies of an Idiot Incubus

He couldn't remember the last time he moved this fast... but he managed to make it back to the balcony in record time. His feet nearly collapsing as he stood there shaking gently. In any other case, he'd be paying more attention to how much more exhausted he was in this instance... as this shouldn't have tired him out as much as it did.

But he was filled with too much worry, and without a care, he slammed open the sliding glass door and rushed into the apartment. Bakugou heaved as he gazed out at the crowd of people in the apartment he called home. Three of them standing and one sitting as still as he possibly could.

"Katsuki!" Your voice brought him back to the current.

He blinked right as you collided with him and hugged the male close. Bakugou's eyes blinking a few times as he felt your arms squeeze him tightly. The warmth of your hug and the feeling of your body close to his own calming the inner panic that had set in. But now... seeing as all four of you were uninjured and together... he was more angry than worried any longer.

"What the fuck were those messages?" Bakugou pulled away from you enough so the pair of you could look at each other. "I thought something fucking happened?!"

You blinked, arms tightening around him still. Your eyes that had moments ago looked so delighted to see him were now dulling in color and looked conflicted with something. Slowly and without a word, you pushed your face back into his chest. He wasn't sure what to make of this, and thus the vampire merely just allowed you to continue to remain in his arms as he turned to look towards the shapeshifter and werewolf.

"Well... she's obviously not gonna tell me-"

Bakugou paused as another few people rushed into the apartment. The half-angel, fairy, and fucking Deku seemed to have finally caught up and were looking just as panicked as he had been thirty seconds before.

"W-what happened?" Midoriya sucked in a breath.

"E-everyone relax." Mina told her friends, looking towards Kaminari who had still yet to move or say anything.

His face was serious and devoid of emotion. A scary change from the usually happy go lucky face he'd often make around his friends... he just seemed as if his entire world had been broken. Like that one piece that had never fit into the puzzle was actually part of another and much more complex one he was unaware of until recently. And the mere notion that he had yet another puzzle to complete had drained his spirit completely.

Kirishima's lips twitched and with a sigh, he looked towards everyone. "I-I think it's best if you all took a seat or something first. You just got back from your mission up in the arctic... so take a moment to relax."

He bit his lip. "Cause... our news isn't going to be very good... and the four of us don't have a damn clue what to do."

"Like I or any of these assholes are gonna take a damn moment to relax after hearing that!" Bakugou yelled, gritting his teeth together viciously. "Say it already, Kirishima. The longer its put off... the tenser we're all gonna fucking get."

Kirishima's eyes widened slowly and then he nodded. Bakugou had a point... he always did after all. And so, with a long but needed sigh, Kirishima finally informed those who were currently in the dark as to what had happened. Only hoping the light he would be shining wasn't too glaring and hard to see through as he feared.

"Jirou... found out what Kaminari is." He breathed, the corner of his eye picking up on Kaminari seeming to get more stiff if at all possible.

"She... what?" Bakugou clicked his tongue, a fire in his chest igniting.

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