Ch.23 - Inexperience usually doesn't help you in the long run...

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Ch.23 - Inexperience usually doesn't help you in the long run... but this time, I actually accomplished something.

It was eating away at you. You were not sure how much more of this you could take. You hadn't eaten in days, slept even less and your home and bakery looked to have been victims of a robbery. Nothing was in order and if anything, you would say it symbolized your state of mind.

You sucked in a breath, standing in your kitchen. Eyes staring at the fridge. The door wide open, everything having been thrown onto the floor aside from the one bottle of salsa.

"I'm going crazy over you..." You spoke to it as it would understand you. "You're the reason for this all..."

You glared at the bottle, picking it up suddenly. Not holding anything back, you opened the knife drawer, taking out the largest one you could find and stabbing it directly into the bottle. The red liquid oozing out and getting all over your hands and counter.

"I'm not crazy." You told yourself, taking another knife and doing it again. "I'm not crazy..."

Some part of you was telling you to calm down that you were having some sort of emotional breakdown. However... it appeared that the little voice was silenced in favor of taking another knife and stabbing it multiple times into the cutting board.

"I'm not crazy. I'm not crazy. I'm not crazy. I'm not crazy. I'm not crazy." You kept repeating as if it was a sacred chant to you.

The cutting board cracked, a chunk of it having been sliced out. Splinters coming into the air and the knife standing upwards on the board. You whimpered, falling to your knees and resorting into a fetal position. Liquid came out from your eyes, and your hearing numbed out, the ringing of all sorts of emotions and overwhelming urges taking over.

You couldn't recall how to breathe and to make matters worse, your neck started to sting as well. Your eyes squeezed shut, trying to ignore this latest attack, but then suddenly everything went silent. You eyes opening slowly, wondering if it had passed.

Instead... the ground cracked and you were sent tumbling down into a black abyss. By the time your vision came back, it seemed other things had cleared up as well... such as the names and memories of before.

You inhaled sharply, mind ringing with images, sounds, smells, sights, and feelings of a certain ash blonde haired male with a name of victory. And then literally... a blonde with straw yellow hair and black lightning bolt.

He was sitting on top of what appeared to be a throne, multiple demons all bowing to him. He rose an eyebrow at your appearance, and at the giant hole now in his ceiling. He adjusted himself in his throne, taking the crown off and handing it to a butler on his right-hand side.

"Kaminari?!" You rose your voice, the influence of whatever had been in your previous area seemed to have lost its power now that you had come crashing into another place.

The incubus blinked, raising a hand. "Oh, you the real (Name) or another terrible attempt to get me to break?"

You gave him a questioning look. "What are you talking about?"

Kaminari smirked, jumping down from his little throne and landing next to you. "Yeah, you're the real one. No illusion can make that confused face as accurate as the real one."

"My confused face is that strange?" You blinked, having not thought about your own facial expressions might look from time to time.

"It's not strange as more... infamous." he chuckled. "Bakugou talks about it a lot... says you always make it when you are suspecting he might be lying."

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