Ch.27 - Impatience can sometimes be a Virtue

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Ch.27 - Impatience can sometimes be a Virtue

"Seeing how this turned out... I think I was better off dead..." Toga muttered, staring at the alchemist who was making sure she was restrained. "Though... being so close to this cute little one isn't so bad."

Midoriya tensed up, not liking how the ghoul was looking at him as if trying to decide on the best way to feast upon him. Even though he was creeped out by her, he still made sure the three perpetrators of this little forbidden attempt were not going to escape.

"Would you shut up..." Shigaraki muttered, then closed his mouth once more.

He had been silent since he had been taken down, rather quickly. He had underestimated the teamwork these others had... and he knew that in the future, he'd need to recruit further allies for his own plans.

That was only if he found a way to escape though, seeing as both the current Negotiator and the half-angel were keeping close tabs on them all. The half-angel was particularly keeping track of the still passed out male.

"Are you okay?" You spoke from the background of where Todoroki and Midoriya were, approaching your fiance.

He had been sitting on the ground, rubbing his arms. "Yeah... just fucking sore."

"You went overboard again, didn't you?" You gave him a weak smile.

"Look who's talking." Bakugou tried to keep his voice down. "Got a headache?"

You nodded a little. "Yeah, but it's passing. I should be fine in a little bit."

You both were quiet for a moment, and then you slowly embraced him, squeezing the ash blonde tightly as you held him. He blinked, but slowly held you back, the feelings of relief there, but fear still present.

"I was so scared... I thought I might have lost you..." You muttered, rubbing your head into his shoulder.

"I'm fine." Bakugou answered you. "You can't get rid of me that easily, dough girl."

"I know..." You chuckled, wiping your eyes and looking into his crimson orbs. "You are and always will be a leech, huh?"

Bakugou clicked his tongue and rolled his eyes, making you laugh again. His arms still holding you close, not wanting to let you go for a few more minutes. And you had nothing against letting him have this wish... as you had the same one.


Midoriya, Uraraka, and Todoroki had pretty much said they'd take care of the scene and the people who had attacked you all. Eri as well looked to want to stay with those three, saying she could be of more help to them now that she knew what she was exactly. That seemed like enough of a reason for Midoriya to agree, and thus Eri was staying behind to witness interrogation and arrests it appeared. Soon after, Todoroki dismissed everyone else home for the night and saying they'd check in with everyone tomorrow and see if everyone was okay.

Kirishima, Mina, Kaminari, and Jirou all seemed to agree that a few rounds of drinks were in order, inviting you and Bakugou along with you. But the two of you declined, wanting to just go home and do nothing all night.

Something seemed rather alluring about staying up all night with your fiance and feeling no obligations. Especially since... it had felt like a long while since the both of you had just had time to yourselves. And thus, you all split up and headed your separate ways.

Bakugou and you were walking in stride, not saying much to one another, only holding hands as you walked through the final part of your journey home. The park near your shared apartment was lit up with lights and the fountains were still running, despite the late hour.

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