Ch.17 - Let's Talk About Personal Things... even if no one wants to.

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Ch.17 - Let's Talk About Personal Things... even if no one wants to.

The bakery sign still read "closed" and the shop was dark... no one having been inside since you had closed the night before the farmer's market. You wondered if anyone had noticed... or if anyone cared.

Putting that thought aside though you really should have thought this through more, seeing as you had managed to forget one small... but very important detail until you had seen your apartment building.

You were going to see Todoroki, and possibly sleep on his couch, and Todoroki... was your neighbor.

This could end badly if you didn't do this right. If anything you'd see Bakugou before you were ready to see him. And if you were not ready to see him... it could lead to another fight and both of you could get into an even worse fight. You couldn't handle it if anything got worse.

You just... wanted to go home.

But with no idea what to do or how to even talk to your love, you decided to focus on something more 'reachable' in a sense. That being figuring out what the heck blood bonds were and how they worked. You missed being able to sleep comfortably and didn't wish to any longer see Bakugou's face haunting your dreams.

If anything, when this was all said and done... you'd much prefer having him be the sweet prince of your dreams once more. But you could focus on your fairy tale dreams with him later. Right now you needed to get to Todoroki and not let Bakugou know you were here.

He was smart and would be able to tell if you tried to jump to Todoroki's balcony. You could always text Todoroki and get him to let you in... but what if Bakugou ran into Todoroki as he was leaving to let you in.

As much as you loved Todoroki... the half-angel had no sense of social cues and would no doubt tell the ash blonde the truth if Bakugou so easily as asked Todoroki where he was headed.

You could picture it now as you sat on the bench in the park across from your apartment complex. Todoroki would be leaving to help let you in as Bakugou was coming back from somewhere. Bakugou would look at Todoroki with that annoyed but slightly curious gaze he often held towards the half-angel.

"The fuck you going." He'd speak in a tone that was not asking.

"Oh. (Name)'s outside waiting for me to let her in. Now if you will excuse me." Todoroki would say without batting an eye.

"She's what?!" Bakugou's scream would even be heard to you seven stories below and outside the building. "Why the fuck is she going to you? Where the hell is that moron!"

And that's how the reunion would go. And you were terrified to even get off the bench to throw away your hot chocolate. And thus you just sat there... looking and waiting. Maybe you should just go back to Uraraka and Midoriya's.

It was getting late and dark now after all. And with a gang of murderers no doubt on the lookout for you all to enact some messed up form of vengeance... you really didn't want to be caught alone.

You sighed, turning to your too large bag and slung it back over your shoulder. Might as well go back to the fairy and alchemist... with enough cookies, they'd forgive you and encourage you to try again tomorrow.

"(N-Name)?" A familiar voice called out to you and you jumped a little, having not expected anyone.

You turned a little, seeing a familiar male standing beside you. He looked out of breath and was holding something in his hands. A plastic bag, filled with something or another. Most likely dinner.

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