Ch.1 - this time we begin peacefully

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Ch.1 - this time we begin peacefully

(AN- REMINDER! This is a SEQUEL STORY! The first book is Blood Bond! If you have not read that book yet, please do so! Then you can read this one and understand what's going on.)

(AN- Anyone spoiling the story at any part, or it's prequel, will have their comment deleted. Spoiling the story for other's isn't cool, and it's kinda upsetting to have to address this in the first place since it's started to appear in this book as of late. Reading the story and finding out the reveals yourself provides a much more enjoyable experience. So please don't ruin the story or the fun of reading for yourself and others by spoiling. Enjoy the read every one.)

(AN- Bakugou from ch.1 of Blood Union drawn by Scullyva. If you make any sort of art, mood boards, off shot fics etc for this series, please let me know as I'd be over joyed to see it and would be delighted to share it as well!)

The afternoon had been relatively noisy, despite the bakery not having any rushes or big orders that would raise your stress levels to the roof. Instead, it was the calm and comfortable laughter that erupted, or the groans when the oven went off, that kept things lively. The display cases were empty, seeing as today was your preparation day for the week ahead.

You didn't know what exactly to expect today, but with the spring rain coming in harshly, it made sense for the day's activities to end up here. Spring had come in like a lamb this year, unlike the storm that had come two years ago. The morning was ending and now the afternoon was taking hold of this lazy rainy day.

The two females, who were having a sort of baking competition, were paying you no mind. The pink-haired female putting in too much flour for the chocolate cake, and the brown-haired female adding a bit too much sugar to her own red velvet cake.

You groaned, looking down at the recipes you had attempted to give both at the start of this madness... but as it turned out, both assumed they knew the recipe by heart. And now, you were sure you'd be the unfortunate soul to have to taste test the disasters that would come from the oven. Like... the last three rounds...

Sighing once more, you tried to focus on how exactly to get your kitchen back. After all... unlike your two close friends, you did have a business to run and rent to pay. But... seeing as both were attempting to make something for another close friend and her arrival back home... you couldn't kick them out.

The opening of the backdoor to the apartment complex alerted you that someone had come wandering into the baking hurricane that was currently happening. You turned to meet a familiar pair of eyes, seeing as he rose an eyebrow at the scene. You shrugged towards him, letting the male know it was, and had been, out of your control from the start. He scoffed, but even so, his attitude didn't stop you from smiling softly at the male who was walking towards the mess.

"The hell happened in here...?" He breathed out, flicking a burnt macaron with his finger.

It skidded across the flour-dusted table and hit an empty measuring cup. The cookie seemed more akin to being hard and bitter than sweet and airy like it was supposed to be. And the smell of burnt flour wasn't pleasant either.

"We're baking Jirou a cake!" Uraraka beamed, sticking her finger in the batter. "She comes back today, so we wanted to make her a welcome home gift!"

"The cakes got burnt... and well, things escalated rather quickly after that." You spoke, motioning to the burned or deformed pastries that had been deemed inedible, and now rested inside of the trash. "And now, Ochaco and Mina are trying to see which of them is the better baker..."

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