Ch.7 - Three Days, Three Problems, Three Headaches

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Ch.7 - Three Days, Three Problems, Three Headaches

His eyes opened abruptly, meeting the wooden ceiling above him. His breathing was ragged and fast, feeling as if he had just run a marathon at a full sprint. Yet, he was still, body seeming to still be in resting despite his mind having clicked back on.

Bakugou's eyes wandered from the ceiling towards his side, a small figure caught in the corner of his eye. And as he moved to look at the figure that was resting beside him, his sense of danger raised further.

A small girl, no older than five or six was resting beside him. Her tiny hands holding onto a tray filled with a bowl of water and a cloth. Her long white hair and rose eyes met his carmine hues and scowling face. A look of fear coming over her own face as Bakugou reacted to seeing someone he didn't know in a place he didn't remember coming to.

"Who the hell are you?!" He yelled, the small girl looking even more frightened.

Before he could ask her again who she was and what was happening, she vanished before his eyes. Though, it was more like she went from a very visible person to suddenly bursting light from her center. Bakugou blinked, attempting to move and find where she had gone and what exactly she was.

"Kacchan!" The thorn in his side came out of nowhere, reminding the vampire that his allies had seemed to stay close, but not close enough to notice he was up and about again.

"Deku!" The anger seemed to be present already, as he glared at the other male entering the room. "What the hell is going on? Who the hell was that?!"

"C-calm down, Kacchan!" Midoriya tried to get him to relax, but doing so only resulted in Bakugou getting more riled up.

"Calm down... like hell..." He grumbled, forcing himself to stand up.

His legs felt as if he had not walked for a while, the jelly feeling in them letting the male know his muscles had been taking a long and deep rest. And now that he was forcing them to work again, his legs were not all the way awake yet.

"Don't push yourself so much right away." Midoriya warned him. "You've been out for three days and-"

Bakugou blinked, the words striking him as odd. Three days? He's been knocked out for three days. Midoriya was still talking in the background, but the ash blonde had tuned him out by this point. His mind jogging and trying to locate his last memory before he came back from the hallucinations that had held onto him for three days.

"- not to mention what was happening to you. And how it stumped even Uraraka-san and Todoroki-kun!" Midoriya's voice came back, making Bakugou focus back on the male.

"The hell are you talking about?" Bakugou clicked his tongue, only to feel the dryness in his throat a moment later. "Shit... it really has been three days, huh?"

Midoriya watches as the vampire looked around the room, seeming to be looking for something. When he couldn't find what he was looking for, he turned his heated gaze back to Midoriya who straightened up.

"Deku... where the hell is my duffel?" Bakugou snarled. "I need my fucking duffel... now."

"R-right." Midoriya nodded a few times, turning to the direction he had come from. "U-Uraraka-san... C-could you bring Kacchan's duffel bag out here?"

The brown haired girl appeared a few moments later, carrying the duffel bag that had all of Bakugou's belongings. The male wasted no time in opening up the small insulated pocket and sighing thankfully.

Never before was he glad for the stupid system of using the blood bags to store the liquid. Especially since he had been precautious and taken extras with him. He reached in, taking out the very last one he had and cracked open the plastic top.

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