Ch.30 - Time to close this chapter on a good note and start on a new adventure

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Ch.30 - Time to close this chapter on a good note and start on a new adventure

You were tapping your foot impatiently, looking down at your phone and seeing how you had already managed to fall fifteen minutes behind schedule. Looks like the calm trip to the airport would now be filled with a mad rush to check your luggage, get through security and then find your gate. But your impatience was because of your excitement for the honeymoon you both had agreed upon.

Bakugou had always spoken of taking you to see the world, and so you had finally told him where you wanted to go first. His eyes had practically bulged out of his head when you told him your desired location, but despite your initial assumption of him saying no... he actually nodded slowly to you. It appeared he didn't mind the idea either.

"You know we do have a plane to catch! I don't wanna miss our trip to Japan!" You scolded him, seeing the male come out from the back.

"I know woman... I know." He shook his head, slinging his small carry on backpack over his shoulder.

He had a small carry on suitcase as well, as most of his, and your clothing were together in the large checked bag. The both of you would be gone for nearly three weeks and decided that it was best to only check one bag full of items you would not immediately need and then fill your carry on rollers and backpacks with things you'd need right away like electronics, food, and some books to read.

"What was taking you so long anyway?" You asked as he marched out the door with you, taking the big suitcase from your grip as you locked the door.

He had been consumed with something last night, not stopping until you had told him an hour before you both needed to leave. Meaning he had been working a good twelve or so hours on this. Thus, you were curious, as your husband wasn't usually the type to put things aside until the last minute, thus it had to be something interesting to have taken over his attention for so long.

"Here." He told you, holding out a small map towards you.

Well... it was much more like a sheet of computer paper he had printed a certain region of the country out on and then scribbled things upon on that messy and rushed handwriting of his. He even wrote angrily... which always made you chuckle. He never changed these small little habits and you loved the little details of his personality that came through in all sorts of other things outside of his words and body language.

"What is this?" You asked him, both of you having made your way down the hallway and were now waiting for the elevator to arrive.

Bakugou leaned over you, pointing something out. "That is Kanda Shrine."

You gave him a strange look, showing him you were still not exactly getting what he was trying to allude to. Did he want to visit it? If so... why did he spend over twelve hours looking for this exact shrine when a final search could have done it in less than a second.

"Kanda Shrine was the shrine near where I grew up, idiot." He sighed.

"You want to go find where your old village was?!" You beamed at him.

Truthfully, when you had picked Japan out as the destination you wanted to go to... you had hoped your new husband would take over a guide and take you all over the country and show you things not only you'd for sure want to see... but also show you things from his past.

You wanted to know about his childhood and his time in his homeland. But didn't want to say anything, not knowing what he would think of it, especially since the last time he was home... it wasn't exactly a good thing that happened. But even so... he seemed to have taken the idea up himself and wanted to take you to his home.

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