Ch.18 - Let Me Hold Your Hand Again, i need a reminder you are here once more

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Ch.18 - Let Me Hold Your Hand Again, i need a reminder you are here once more

Maybe you should have put a little more thought into it, but seeing as your hand was on the doorknob and already swinging it open, you knew it was too late now. Despite the little part of you that was annoyed that the door wasn't locked or how there was a thick smell of burning from inside the apartment, you couldn't deny how your happiness and desire for reconciliation was what was moving you past all the small nagging thoughts.

As you ventured further inside the small little apartment you had missed so dearly and were surprised to see that the entire place was spotless. No scorch marks or ripped furniture. It was all in place and looked to have been neatly cleaned and polished meticulously every day.

Where there was a mess though was in the kitchen it appeared, with the oven being on, and the burning smell coming from a baking sheet of what looked to be charcoal. You barely had time to look further as suddenly a mop of ash blonde hair came up from below where the kitchen was. The island in the center having blocked him until this moment.

Bakugou's eyes were fierce and narrowed, fists gripped together and looking ready to strike whoever had just marched into his home without a care and stomping feet. However, as his eyes landed upon you, his carmine hues widened and he let go of his fist in favor of gripping the island as if to steady himself to some form of reality.

You shuffled in front of him awkwardly, a few nerves building up, but your mind still bouncing with happiness now aware of a certain question he had been meaning to ask you. The knowledge that he wanted to further your relationship along... was truly making your love for him grow.

"Hey." You spoke gently, letting out a sigh.

"Hey..." Bakugou responded, taking an arm and putting it behind his head.

It was silent again, neither one of you really knew what to say or do next. It was awkward no doubt, but still now within each other's sights once more... it was clear that neither of you wanted or would let the other walk out without so much as speaking a bit more and trying to fill in this crevice that had formed between you both.

Seeing as the smell of burning was still overwhelming to you, and your eyes couldn't help but lean downwards toward the black rocks on your once pristine baking sheets. Bakugou followed where your eyes went and then seemed to stiffen when he caught onto what you were looking at. The oven behind him also making a shiver run up his spine, seeing as he had been cleaning it before you thundered in.

"What... are these?" You asked, taking one of the pieces of coal and holding it between your fingers.

Bakugou's cheeks were starting to become more and more rosy by the minute as he opened and closed his mouth but no sounds came from it. Slowly though, and with him awkwardly rubbing his arm and refusing to meet your gaze, he admitted what exactly these little rocks were supposed to be.

"I... tried to make macarons as an apology..." He admitted, pouting his lips ever so slightly. "They... were a lot harder to make then I thought..."

You chuckled softly, placing the terrible, burnt beyond recognition, macaron back onto the tray and then picking the entire thing up. You moved quickly, popping open the trash can and dumping all the hard treats inside and then putting the tray in the sink with the other soaking baking materials.

The entire time feeling his eyes on you as if he was afraid you would disappear right before his eyes if he didn't watch you with care. Bakugou's throat dry and unsure of what to say or do as you came back to the island and stood across from him once more.

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