Ch.24 - Here is my hand, now take it! I know you can!

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Ch.24 - Here is my hand, now take it! I know you can!

"Are we ready?" Kaminari inhaled sharply, feeling his legs fill with jitters.

You looked towards Eri, who was nodding to you slowly. You smiled down at her, repeating once more what you had already told her way too many times that she needed to do now.

"Remember... all you need to do is give Kaminari and I a little power up so we can reach the others. My ability is hard to control and Kaminari's dream abilities can't help him reach others without his physical form touching them... so we need you to propel us to our friends... okay, Eri?"

She nodded, hands balled together in anticipation. "I got it... I'll do my best!"

Her form coming up to you and Kaminari, touching her little hands to both of your temples. She smiled gently as a gentle white light started to form on the bases of both of your foreheads. You closed your eyes slowly, trying to find another emotional string.

Kaminari merely smiled with confidence to Eri. "Nice job! Now watch over base camp while we handle this, okay?"

Eri nodded, taking a few steps back. "Okay... good luck."

You laughed slightly. "We won't need it now... you're all the luck we need, Eri-chan."

She smiled gently to you, watching as slowly both you and Kaminari's forms turned into a single ball of light. The duo twirling around and then shooting off into different directions to whoever would be at the other end of this dream spectrum.

Eri watched with a soft smile on her face. Then looked down towards her hands. She had finally found her answer... but at the same time... she still felt as lost as before. Years of being used seemed to have done more damage then she knew. But at least now... now she had people who could help her grow and regain what she had lost.

But before that... she needed and wanted to have them back with her once more.


It was still raining harshly, the ground becoming so wet that it was starting to flood. He was still crouched in front of the grave though, refusing to move or lift his eyes up from where he had been staring at the tombstone.

He was sopping at this point as well, forgetting what it felt like to be dry and warm. All he knew by now was this cold wetness that clung to his skin and hair like a nasty cold. Ever ending it seemed.

"You're going to catch a cold, y'know." Someone muttered, and then slowly the feeling of rain on his skin was cut off.

He lifted his head slightly, turning around to gaze at the figure who had come up to him. Her dress was black, but the small white ribbon around her waist was what made his eyes trained onto her.

"Go away..." He muttered, turning his head back.

Despite his rough words, she refused to move nor move the umbrella over him. Her own attire starting to get sopping wet now. Slowly, the girl next door knelt down beside him. Her movements slow and him watching her from the corner of his eyes.

She removed her ribbon, going towards the grave and tying it around the stone. Then backed away, gazing upon her friend as his eyes widened slowly.

"You're mother deserves something pretty on her stone." You muttered, sighing and looking at Todoroki once more. "That's what I said all those years ago... you remember right?"

Todoroki nodded slowly, looking up to you with wide eyes. "We- we've been here before..."

You nodded. "And here I thought it would have been harder to bring you out of this. You were unconsciously fighting back, weren't you, Shou?"

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