Chapter 25

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Alexander's pov

I woke up in the morning to see Rose sleeping next to me with my arm around her waist. I smiled. Yesterday when I was at my worst she consoled nr and took care of me. I was glad that she was opening up to me. Even if it was slow. It was worth it. My wolf was purring in satisfaction by having his mate so near. I tightened my hold around her sniffing her wonderful scent. I really really wanted to kiss her and nark her but I held back and closed my eyes. After a while she woke up and we both looked straight into each others eyes. First she looked drowsy and confused but then suddenly her eyes widened. She tried to get up but with their hand and legs tangled could not. I immedietly shifted aside to give her space. She got up and looked confused and gave me a weird expression. 'I........ I should leave.' she said that and immedietly left. I didn't stop her. Last night was the first time we were this close to one another. I knew she must be feeling awkward and confused.

I was happy to be this close to her and actually did not want her to get away from me but I realised that she might be uncomfortable being this close to me. Holding her hands and running my fingers through her hair was fine but getting this close to her if she was not comfortable was not good. I had told her that I would wait for her. She was my queen. My luna. I will only be this intimate with her when she is ready and tells me so, until then I will wait. Falling more deeply in love with this amazing girl I have for a mate. I looked up at her picture which above my bed hoping that someday I could replace it with a picture of the two of us smiling. Having that thought I got up from my bed to get ready to begin my day.

Rose's pov
I ran to my room and closed the door. I can't believe I was with him the entire night! Obviously nothing happened but still. 'Relax rose, he is our mate.' lily said. I took a deep breath. Day by day I was getting more and more attracted towards him. I cluchted my chest. What was this weird feeling? I shook my head. I looked at the watch and realised I had go for breakfast and then for training. I went into the bathroom to brush my teeth and have a shower.

When I went for breakfast lavender looked up at me. Of course she had an idea that i was with Alexander after we both didn't come for dinner last night. I served myself and sat down. Lavender didn't say a word but just kept on looking at me weirdly. I got annoyed and asked her in a loud whisper, 'What is it?'. She shook her head  and said, 'Nothing. It is nothing.' 'Listen, nothing happened last night okay. I just comforted him. He was extremely  sad.' I said and sighed. I remembered last night. He was afraid of only one thing. Losing me. 'Rose, Dean is glad that you were there for him yesterday. He told me that usually he used to be much worse than he was yesterday. I am just glad that you two are working on you diffrences and starting freshly.' lavender said. I shook my head and said, 'No one is starting anything lavender. Don't have any misconceptions.' I said. 'Okay, okay sorry. Don't get angry now rose.' lavender replied. At that moment Dean and Alexander walked in speaking about something related to the pack. They sat down on the table opposite me and lavender and started serving themselves. Thay were very engrossed in their conversation. Alexander took a quick glance at me gave me a small smile and went back to having a conversation with Dean. After breakfast we headed to our rooms to get ready for training. When we were leaving Dean gave lavender a quick peck on the cheek but Alexander just walked away without even looking at me. 'Mate ignored us.' lily growled in my head. 'No, he didn't.' I replied back. 'He always greets and talks with us. Smiles at us. Mate is avoiding us.' lily whimpered. I shook my head while walking into the training area. Was he really avoiding me?


After the training I went to my grandparents for lunch. I decided to stay at their place for some time even after the lunch. I couldn't help but think about Alexander. Last night. Grandma came and sat beside me, 'What' s the matter honey?' she asked. I immedietly lay my head down on my grandma's lap and she patted my head lightly. 'Grandma, do you honestly believe people can change?' I asked her. 'Well, with my experience I think they can.' 'Experience?' I asked her. Right now it was just the two of us at home. Grandpa had gone for a walk with lavender's dad.

Grandma smiled at me and said, 'Yes honey. My experience. My biggest example is your beloved grandpa.' I got up and looked at her in surprise. My grandpa was the perfect gentleman and person anyone could ever meet. I thought he had always been that kind of person. 'Oh don't look so surprised honey.' 'What kind of a person was he before?' I asked her. She smiled a bit and then took a deep breath and said, 'Well, now that you are grown up I can tell you. He was quite the bad boy of town. You know he went around on a bike, troubling others, he was also a huge heartbreaker around the school to the extent that people called him a playboy. He was a very scary, wild person when I first saw him.'

My jaw hung open. My sweet grandfather was a bad boy back in the day. 'And you fell in love with him?' I asked her. 'No, the first time I met him was not at all. In fact after that I decided to maintain my distance from him. He was not someone I wanted to go out with........ At first.' she casually replied. 'So how did it happen?' I asked in an uncertain voice. 'Well, it was after sometime that your grandpa asked me out saying that he actually found me very attractive and stuff. I straight out said a no. He was a bit angry but did not say a word. I even told him that I thought he was a very very bad person, a bad boy and that me and him could never happen.' she said. 'So, what changed your mind? ' Well my mind changed because he drastically changed. He changed from that wild, bad teen to a mature person. His grades in school improved. He no longer was a playboy and no longer troubled anyone. After sometime in our senior year of highschool he asked me out once again and I thought about giving it a try. He was very happy. Our relationship was going great and we even got accepted in the same college.' she said smiling. 'Bit still what made you fall for him so hard that you married him?' I asked grandma.

'Well, in my college I found out I was pregnant with your mom. I was really worried and scared. I knew girls who got pregnant before and their boyfriends walked away without stepping up. But when I told your grandfather about it he really took a lot of responsibility. He started working two jobs a day. Started saving money. With all that he somehow managed to pull off studying. He even helped me talk with my parents and also informed his. He told me he was not walking away and was never going to. He proposed to me with his grandma's ring for marriage. I haven't removed it till this day honey.' she said and showed me her finger.' After college he had saved up enough to start a small flower shop. He really worked hard on it and loved our little girl and took care of both of us. The way our business expanded is all thanks to him. And that is the reason why I believed that people can change honey. I never thought that the immature, arrogant person I met on the first of high school would become such a great husband, father and grandfather.' she said with a smile on her face. 'You are asking me this because of Alexander right?' she suddenly asked. I widened my eyes. 'Don't look so shocked. I am your grandmother honey. I know what happens in that little mind of yours.' she said laughing.

'It's completely up to you sweety. What you decide about the two of you. But you know ever since we  have arrived over here he visits us every two days to check how we are doing and also if we have enough of everything  over here. He even enquires about how our day is going and if everyone is treating us well.' I was shocked by this new piece of information. I did not know he did that. 'You interact with him?' I asked. 'Well I just give him very short answers while your grandfather does not say anything but just glares at him angrily. He even had a gun in his hand once when Alexander had visited. But still even after that he visits us and never complains.' my grandma said with a smile.'  'Honey, sometimes in life people do change if they really want to if you really wanted to know my answer to your question.' grandma said. At that moment grandpa came in and greeted both of us and fave my grandma a kiss. They were really adorable even as an old couple.

After some time I said goodbye and decided to go for a walk in the gardens. Had alexander really changed that much? I hated to admit it but nowadays sometimes whenever he  was near me my heartbeat would increase and not because of my wolf. Speaking of her I did not even want to know what she imagined whenever we were near him. I had once accidently opened the mind link to the wolf communication and had heard James and lily communicating. I really wished I hadn't.

'Hey, that rude. I was talking with my mate. You don't even let me touch him. By the way, he was the one talking that way. And he is our mate. There is no shame in that. Don't tell me that you were never attracted to him.' lily argued. I rolled my eyes and entered the garden. I entered the section where only alphas and their mates could go. The magical tree section.

I stopped in my tracks whan I saw the person standing near the tree.  'Alexander' I whispered.

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