Chapter 12

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Alexander's pov

It had been three years, three freaking years since she left. It had been a living hell for me. Every passing day had been a mental torture. When she left for sometime I was depressed and had locked myself in a room but later I realised that I had the responsibility of a pack on my shoulders. Doing the work of an alpha was a distraction for me from my empty life. I worked hard and made it one of the safest and best packs in the world. My pack was also one of the most flourishing and wealthiest packs in the world. But all this meant nothing to me without her. My Rose.

Today I have everything. The best of everything. Everyone respected me but all this meant nothing to me. Every single time I went to the yearly alphas gathering where all the alphas used to meet, when I saw all of them along with their mates I felt jealous as well as sad looking at them but then I reminded myself that I was the one who brought this situation upon myself.

All these past years several girls inside as well as outside the pack tried to seduce me, impress me but I always fave them no reaction and simply pushed them away. There is only one woman who can be near me and touch me. She is the only one who can make my heart beat fast. I would never reject her advances. And that one girl was none other than my mate. If I ever thought of finding any other mate and mated with her then Rose will go through an excruciating pain and I did not want to give her any now, as I had said before I was ready to wait for her forever.

I went into my room in the packhouse and saw the picture that was hung above my bed on the wall. I smiled at it. It was the picture of none other than my Rose. The pack doctor had been nice enough to give it to me after Rose left when she saw I was genuinely regretting what I did to her. I enlarged it in size and hang in my room. Looking at it was the only thing which gave me a hope that she will come back someday.

After she left without a trace i did not know what had happened to her. But I knew that she was not dead. I would have felt it if had happened to her. She was still out there somewhere and one day I will find her and will win her back. I will do everything to make her stay and not go away from me again. If she wanted to take a whip in her hand, torture me, curse me then I would happily allow her to do that. I deserved it. I deserved every bit of her anger. I would never mind anything she does to me. My dearest Rose.

I walked up to the picture and looked at her beautiful smile. I wished she was over here standing in front of me smiling at me. I traced her face with my finger through the glass and whispered, 'Please come back to me, my love.'

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