Chapter 16

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Rose's pov

The wedding was so beautiful. Belle and Jake looked so beautiful together. I know they will have a happy married life. The tables, chairs and everything else was cleared. I just went up once in the room in which me and lavender got ready in the morning to check if anything had been left behind. My grandparents had gone to the guest house along with hers and lavender had texted me that she had found her mate. I felt like squealing happily. Lavender had always secretly hoped to find a mate and I was happy for her but decided to give her some time alone with her mate so that they could *cough cough* "get to know each other".

I looked around the room and there was nothing that was left unpacked. I looked in the mirror at myself. This was for the first time that I h ad ever felt beautiful. I had such a great time today. But then my mind drifted back to what Jake said about the rogues. That really concerned me. Should I really go back to being a werewolf and join a pack for my family's safety. It would be a little bit hard for them as they were humans but.... If jake was offering me a place......

That is when the most amazing scent hit my nose. Lily started whimpering. I heard footsteps at the entrance and was afraid to turn around. I knew who was standing there. But I did take a deep breath and looked. It was none other than the man or more accurately the werewolf I was running away from. The monster. The person behind my nightmares and the person who treated me like a piece of gum attached to his shoe. It was Alexander, over the years he had grown bugger and gotten muscular. The aura if an alpha radiated from him. He might have gotten more attractive but it was just more terrifying to me. Lily was growling inside my head but I could sense that she was a little scared there's no way I could fight an alpha that big but even if I did put up a fight I was not trained like he was. 'Stay strong Rose! Don't break down in front of him. We will try our best if he attacks us.' lily said to me but even then. Why was he here?! What does he want!! Tears threatened to fall out of my eyes. 'Rose' he whispered out my name.

*Alexander's pov *

When I came in front of rose I could notice how beautiful she had grown and it made my wolf go crazy but then I saw a expression that was mix of shocked and scared. Oh my god, I would be okay with anyone scared of me but her. She started breathing heavily and looked absolutely terrified. Tears were coming out of her eyes. Oh my god, what had I done. 'I feel like giving you a slap on your face Alexander, her wolf who is supposed to be my soulmate is scared of me as well and hates me. She is probably thinking we are going to attack. YOU BIG PIECE OF SHIT!' James yelled at me.

I thought that I should start the talking. I had a lot to apologise for.' Rose' I said out her name but before I could began talking she said, 'Wha..... What do you want??! Wh.... Why are you he..... here?' She said in a voice that was scared. I took a step towards her and she stumbled backwards. I stopped moving altogether.

'Rose please don't be scared I am not going to do anything. Please don't run away this time.' I pleaded. Her face hardened a little bit and in a watery voice she said, 'How can I trust you? A man who has always made my life a living hell.' she asked and tears started coming out of her eyes. Seeing her in this condition made me want to hit myself I was such an idiot. I felt hurt at that time. It felt like someone was running a knife through my heart.

'Rose I regret everything I ever did to you. Please trust me. I am not the same person anymore. There passed three years gave been a torture for Rose. Its been a horrible ordeal I have been going through. Please come back. I love you. Come back please. I am ready to do anything to make up to you. We will go back and I will make you the luna. We will get married Rise. We are mates. I think you know this too. Rose please, you are the one person who means the most to me in this entire world. Please come back. I miss you.' By the end Rose' s face was blank. Tears were still in her eyes but her face showed slowly started showing one expression, anger.

*Rose's pov*

The nerve of this guy! How could he even think that I will accept him as my mate. How can he think I will trust him again. I knew this was all just an act he was putting on so he can reveal his real self later. I slowly said, 'Please don't ever say these nice things when I know they are all fake. Alexander you and your pack treated me very, very badly for no reason at all. They never trained and never even let me grow. You especially did not even allow a bit of happiness to be there in my life. Tortured me with silver, enjoyed my pain, my tears. You are saying you are suffering these past three years, well you know what, I gave been all my life! It was all because of you. You made me feel worthless, unloved, ugly and you even enjoyed That! And now you remember my name is Rose, where are the regular ones you had given me like slut and whore?! You made me live in a attic, did not even allow to eat of drink without your pack's so called permission! and now you are asking me to come back and marry you! You may think I am a fool but I am not. You just want me to come back so you can build your power and torture me again and even my family. That is exacy your plan, to hurt me more physically, mentally or even sexually! That is the only limit left to be crossed right. You..... You just want to cause me more pain! Be..... Because you Al.... Always do that. All you want to do is break me! ' I yelled. This was for the first time I spoke my mind in front of him. I was still crying j wanted to speak more but before that he yelled,'Rose stop!'

*Alexander's pov*

Abuse her! Sexually! Did she really think of me like that? When she was telling at me I felt like somebody should just come and kill me. She repeated everything I did to her in the past. But when she told me what she thought I was going to do her I felt horrified. Yes! It was true that a pack's power increased with the arrival of the Luna but I didn't want her because of that. I wanted her because she was my mate. The girl I had waited for all mh life. I could not even think about hurting her or her family. As her mate I loved and respected them as much as she did. And I would not even touch her inappropriately. I would consummate our relationship only and only with her consent. Everything she said felt like someone was throwing knives at me. I just wanted her by my side. Tears were coming out of my eyes for the first time. James was whimpering as well. So I yelled, 'Rose stop, just stop! I told you I am not going to hurt you anymore. I.... I would not even think of touching you in a wrong way. Rose, I am your mate. Please stop thinking this way about me! Just come back!' I cried out. I went near her and stood in front of her. She looked at me for a minute and we both just stood over there staring at each other tears still coming out of our eyes.

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