Chapter 21

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Rose's pov

I looked up to see five children in front of me. Two girls and three boys about the same age. They were all looking at me and smiling. I recognised that the girl who called me out was the same one who had given me flowers at the pack entrance. 'Who are you?' I asked with a smile. The little girl said, 'I am christine, this is Michelle, that is Derek, Jack and Oscar.' Well it is a pleasure meeting you all.' I said with a smile.' 'We are so happy to you luna.' one of the boys said and bowed down along with everyone else. 'Oh please don't call me luna. Just call me Rose and there is no need to bow down in front of me.' 'But you are our luna, we are supposed to respect you.'Jack said. 'And love you' Christine suddenly said loudly. I chuckled, 'Why are you supposed to do that?' I asked with a smile. Everyone else  looked at me  with a smile when Christine said,'Because you are our luna, you will come into this pack and increase our power and bring prosperity into this pack. You will take care of us and of the rest if the pack along with the alpha. You will love us all of us a lot.' 'Of course I will.' I said with a huge smile. These children were so sweet. After that I talked with all of them a lot. They were so cheerful. I felt so nice. I was going to introduce them to my grandma as well. She absolutely loved children. They were all telling me about the pack preschool when suddenly they stopped and bowed down. I looked confused and looked where they were looking and saw Alexander standing over there. 'Natasha said that your lunch is ready.' 'Yes alpha.' all of them said in unison and started leaving. All of them waved a goodbye and I waved back. I saw Alexander looking at me with a smile. My face immedietly became blank and I started to walk past him when he held my hand and I glared at him.

' Rose, please come and have lunch. You didn't even have breakfast in morning. Everyone else has aldready started. Your grandparents even finished having lunch.' I took back my hand and said, 'Alpha, I only came to this pack because you provided protection for my family. I remember the last time I ate something at lunch time I was beaten up by your pack. Please stop acting like you actually care about me. I don't want you as my mate but I can't reject you.' I said. 'Rose, please don't act like this. I admit I did wrong. But come and have lunch at least.' 'I M not hungry.' I said coldly and went into my room and closed the door. Even if I was trying not to show it this was all just too much for me. Coming back over here and everything. Uhhh! Why was my life so messed up. I laid down on my bed abd eventually fell asleep.


I woke up and saw it was 3pm in the afternoon. I opened my door and no one was there. I was bored and decided to walk around a little bit. I walked downstairs and saw a door that still makes me feel terrified. It was the torture room. I slowly walked towards it and opened the door but I was surprised to find nothing there. The room was empty. The chains, whips, etc. Everything was gone. 'We don't use it anymore.' a deep voice said behind me. I turned around and saw Alexander standing over there. 'The memories over there were painful for me as well. We shifted it to the basement and I don't even go over there unless and until I have to.' He said and I could see the regret in his eyes. Lily was now whimpering and begging me to take him in my arms because he looked like he could start crying any moment now. 'Rose I am ready to apologise to you every day but please just stop treating me so coldly. You don't want to have a relationship with me. That is okay but let's just start over. Let's be friends. Or at least have a good communication with me.' he said and I felt like I should accept this offer. ' Okay, fine.'i said to him and then I asked,' Can I get trained along with the female warriors of this pack?' I asked him.' Of course you can. If you want I can train you personally.' he said. 'There is no need for that. I will train with the rest of the woman.' I said and was about to leave when he said, 'Rose tonight your grandparents are coming over for dinner along with my parents. I will take you to the training tomorrow as today is a day off for all of us.' he said and then walked away as well. I just walked around a little bit more and then decided to go to my room as well. I opened the door and realised it wasn't my room I was in. Oh my god, it was Alexander's. But then suddenly on I saw a huge photo framed on top of his bed. It was the photo I had taken at the pack doctor's house. He had framed it in a gold frame. Suddenly I an amazing smell hit me and the bathroom door opened and alexander stood in front of me, shirtless! Lily started squealing in joy inside me and I knew I was staring at him so I looked away. 'I-I am sorry. I accidently came in your room.'  'It's alright, relax Rose besides that you are my mate, you can come over here anytime you want.' he said with a smile. I looked at the picture once again and said, 'It is beautiful, isn't it.'
I did not reply but simply asked him, 'At what time have invited my grandparents?' 'Oh, at 8:30.' I simply nodded. 'Can I ask you a question regarding the pack?' 'go ahead.'  'Who were those kids I met in the garden?

He took a deep breath and then said,' You remember the year before I became the alpha of this pack there was big rogue attack?'.' Yes, it was horrifying.' 'well, the children you met in the garden were the kids of the warriors who died in that pack.' I clapped my hand to my mouth. They were orphans. I felt like crying, 'They seemed really excited to meet me.' I whispered. 'They were because after I took over the pack, they became my responsibility and I moved them in the pack house. I try my best to interact with them and to be like a dad but still because I am an alpha and it is my responsibility to train them sometimes I am a bit harsh on them and they are scared of me. My mom, who was the luna has tried her best to give them love and affection but she is the ex-luna. They were waiting for you as you are my mate. You see, luna is a symbol of strongness and fierceness but also love, care, affection. So you are more like a mother to them. They were ecstatic to meet you.'he said and I felt a tightening in my heart. I would shower them with my love if that was what they wanted. I remember being a girl their age and waiting for someone to appreciate me, dote on me, love me, hug me. I felt tears coming out of my eyes. Those little five to six year old kids must have gone through so much. Looking at them made me want to be a better luna.

Alexander looked at me and said, 'Rose, please don't feel sad. I am sure you will do your best for them.' I nodded my head, 'Thank you Alexander. I will go and get ready for the dinner. I will meet you then.' I said and he grinned at me. God dammit, why was he so handsome? I walked out of his room and took a deep breath. Maybe Alexander had really changed. I shook my head. Just because I agreed to communicate properly with him doesn't change anything between two of us. I headed towards my room

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