Chapter 10

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Rose's pov

She exclaimed, 'Rose!' I looked at her with surprise. 'You recognised me?' I asked. 'Well a girl who looks exactly like my daughter and has the same nose and hair as me and the green eyes of my husband can be none other than my granddaughter. But just to be sure, tell me your full name.' She said while looking at me hopefully. I said, 'It's Rose Arthur Lightwood.' Without even waiting a second she hugged me and said, 'Oh my dear Rose, honey do you even know how much me and Richard waited for this day. We yearned to talk to you. To bring you in our house. She said while wiping her tears pulling away from the hug.

' But first come inside. This is your house dear. Richard will just be coming in some time. Oh my dear Rose.' 'Richard?' I asked. 'Oh your grandpa honey, the one who gave you and your mom his green eyes.'She said smiling.

I went inside. The house looked extremely cozy. I turned around and saw my grandma and there were some tears in her eyes. I said,' I have something that I wanted for you to see'. I said and handed her my mom's letter.

She took it from my hands and read it. I looked at her and said, 'Mom was going to send you this but before that she... She...' I trailed off and could not say the words, 'she died'. 'I know all about it Rose, it's better if we don't about it. I am just glad to meet you. Me and your grandfather had lost all hope of meeting you but we had always hoped and prayed that it would happen. Looks like God finally heard our prayers'. She said smiling at me and kept her warm hand on my cheek and ruffled my hair lovingly. Just then the doorbell rang and grandma excitedly said, 'That must be Richard'.

Grandma opened the door and an elderly man came in. He had  the same green eyes as mine and looked at me with the same surprised expression as grandma. I smiled at him and stood up. My grandma said, 'Our rose is back Richard.' He looked at me and for a long time and said, 'Undoubted she is rose, she looks just like Avaline but I need to just check if she is an imposter. So, your father and my son-in-law was no ordain ary person who was he and what was his name?"

I smiled at him and replied,' My father was the best warrior of bluemoon pack and his name Arther lightwood. He met my mother when she was eighteen and she was his mate and took her to his werewolf pack and shortly afterwards they had me, Rose lightwood'. I said

'She is our Rose, Jenna. Our granddaughter. She is with us.' He said while smiling at his wife with tears in his eyes as well. He came up to me and hugged me. 'The last time I saw you were so small, and now look at you, all grown up!' He said while giving a watery chuckle. I hugged him back. Right now meeting them I realizad they were indeed my grandparents. They had waited for me all these years. I was not completely alone like I used to think.

I pulled away and we all sat down on the couch, grandma looked at me and said, 'Well, but honey, your alpha finally gave you permission to come visit us and contact us.' My grandma asked.

I truthfully replied, 'No grandma, I actually did not even know that my mom had parents until I found the letters and their wedding pictures. About my pack and my alpha, I am really not willing to back there. They did not really treat me right. I have left that pack.' I was careful enough to not mention all the bullying and torture part, because their faces were already showing anger.

They both were silent for a while and then said,' We already knew about your condition over there. They treated your mom very coldly and would not even look at her when Arthur was not around. When they died we went to their funeral. We asked the alpha if you could come stay with us or if we could visit you in the pack but he simply refused and did not allow and sent us away without even letting us meet you felling us he will take care of you. After a while the pack postman stopped coming to take our letters for you and they would not even pick up the calls we made to enquire about you. It was like we were made to accept that we never had a granddaughter.' My grandma said with tears in our eyes. I felt anger and hatred towards the pack. Not only did they make me suffer but also my family.

My grandpa rubbed grandma' s back and said, 'it's alright Jenna, the most important and happy news is that our Rose is here now and she is not going anywhere now. Now we don't have anything to worry about, neither that bluemoon pack nor the werewolves.' my grandfather said smiling. He clearly thought that I was a human.'Rose, this is something we can't from them'. Lily said. So, I took a deep breath and said, 'Grandpa, I am a werewolf.'

The shock on their faces said it all. Now was time to leave. Clearly they did not like werewolves and would not accept me. I stood up and said, 'Well, I will leave. I just wanted to meet the two of you. Its alright, I understand. Me being a werewolf and all.' Saying that I picked up my bag and began to walk.

'Rose wait!' my grandpa said. 'Werewolf or human, all we know that you are our granddaughter. The one person we waited to see all these years. We don't care about you being a werewolf. Trust me. But we don't want you to go away. If you live with us you will have to be a human 90% of the times. Adapt a little to our lifestyle as this is a human settlement. If you and your wolf are okay with this then please live with us.'

I had tears in my eyes,' You both don't have a problem with me being a werewolf?'I asked. My grandma replied,' No honey, to us you are nothing but our granddaughter. We just want make up for all the years that we lost. Give you all the love we wanted to and see you healthy and rosy not like this thin malnourished stick in front of us.'

I walked up to them and gave her a big hug. Grandma hugged me back tightly while grandpa ruffled my hair. After all these years I finally had people I could call my own. My family.

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