Chapter 17

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I just looked at him. This was for the first time I had seen tears in his eyes. But I felt confused. About my feelings towards him. Had he really changed? No! This stupid mate bond was making me feel stupid things. Now I know that even if I rejected him he will never accept my rejection. Why was my life so messed up! He was still looking at me. I wiped my tears and decided to go away. I started walking and he suddenly held my hand, 'Where are you going Rose?' 'To the guest house. My family is over there.' I tried to get out of his hold but he didn't budge.

I looked up at him and he said, 'Tomorrow at 7am we are going back to our pack. Be ready.'

'You are big idiot if you think I am coming back over there. I won't!' I sapped back. "So you want to go back to your human town and get in trouble with the rogues.' My eyes widened. How did he know?!

'I will do whatever I want but I am not coming back over there. I will join Jake's pack. I will do anything I want. It is none of your business.'

Alexander turned me around so I was facing him. He then began to say, 'Rose, please understand. Joining jake' s pack won't be that easy for you. The elders won't appreciate too many humans living over here. Already Belle's parents are here but they won't mind that as she is the alpha's mate. But same dosent apply for you. Your grandparents will be treated the same way your mother was. Besides that, me and Jake are alphas of two of the most powerful packs. If the rogues come to know that you are here as well as Belle is here then chances are that they might target Jake's pack and trouble both of us because you are my weakness Rose. And Belle is Jake's weakness. It will all create a lot of trouble. That is the reason I am suggesting, come to my pack Rose. Come with me. I will take care of your family. Of their every need. They will be treated with the utmost respect and care. I will guarantee you that. You want to hate me, curse me or even hit me and slap me I will be okay with that. Just come with me and allow me to protect you and protect the ones you love because I love you. Belle, just you being next to me and knowing you are safe is enough for me. I Alpha Alexander promise you my mate and luna Rose that I will provide protection for you and your grandparents. There will no place in the pack for any werewolf who will dare to disrespect you or your family. That is my word. I will never go back on it.' he said and I was shocked because whenever alphas give their word they keep it. Besides that he was using his alpha voice to give me the promise.

'Alexander I don't know what I  believe anymore. I.... I am in a fix. I don't know what to say'. He took a step towards me and said, 'Rose don't say anything. Just come tomorrow with me. It is about grandma and grandpa' s safety after all. Trust me Rose. Just this one time. Please I beg you. Come to the pack entrance tomorrow morning. I will be waiting for you.' he said and started walking away. ' Why didn't you leave today evening? ' I asked him.' Because I knew you would want time to pack and make up your mind. I don't mind waiting for you Rose. I am ready to wait for a lifetime for you.' he said with a sad smile on his face. Lily was sobbing right now. Meeting her mate and him saying all this was too much for her and the strong walls she had built around were breaking. I decided to leave and Alexander started walking with me.' What are you doing?' I asked. 'Coming to the guest house.'he said.' You are residing there too.'.'Yes I am.' I quickned my pace because I did not want to be walking with him but apparently he had longer legs than me. So basically me quickening my  pace was like a casual walk fof him. Oh my god! He is already annoying me. If I go to his pack I will see him everyday. But what he dosent know that I am a strong girl now and not that frail, weak person anymore. I will not melt because if his silly gestures. The sole reason I will agree to this is because of my family's safety. I had his alpha's word so I knew that he would not break it. We finally reached the guest rooms and we parted ways. I don't know how my life is going to be now.

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