Chapter 15

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Alexander's pov

The wedding began, the bride arrived and Jake and Belle exchanged their vows. Everything which happened was beautiful but I was more focused on my beautiful mate. She had such a genuine smile on her face and was looking like a goddess who descended from the sky and was blessing me with her presence. For a moment I looked at Dean expecting him to be surprised over seeing his luna over here but he looked like he had just been hit by a huge rock and his eyes were fixated not on rose but on the girl behind her who was wearing a similar dress to hers. By the he looked it only meant one thing. He slowly whispered, 'mate'. 


The reception began and I was careful enough to not be noted by anyone, especially Rose 'So, you got my sweet surprise'. Jake said to me. 'How did you find her?' 'She is my mate' s best friend. You know, I immedietly recognised her the minute she came in front of me from the picture you had given me but I continued to ask her some questions to get my suspicions. Let me tell you one thing alexander, she is a great girl. Don't ever let her go now that destiny has given you a chance to be with her once again. Don't ruin it'. "I will not. I promise you that. I don't even know how to thank you'. I said to jake. At that moment the father-daughter dance began and Rose began dancing with her an old man while an elderly lady was recording it. We were all sitting at a table far away from the dance floor. But because of my aloha vision I could see her perfectly. 'Who is that old man?' I asked. 'Well, that man is your future grandfather - in-law Alexander. Let me warn you that even if that m an is a human he is scary. It is going to be a tough job convincing him and also his wife. Rose is their little princess. I heard that they are extremely protective of her.' Suddenly Dean asked,' Are my afraid mate's parents too? '' your mate? ' Dean pointed towards another girl who was the one standing behind Rose in the ceremony.' Oh that's lavender'. Jake said. Dean smiled after knowing his mate's name. He had waited for her all his life. 'Well her parents are rogues. They have been living with the identity of humans for a long time and also have brought her up as a human. When her mom was pregnant with her they tried to be pack members but no pack accepted them and to provide her with a better life they went into a human settlement.' Jake said.' Well they don't need to worry now, their daughter is now my mate. I am in one of the best packs. I will protect her and take care with every fiber of my being.' Dean said and I knew that he meant it.

' Well guys before I have to go back to my lovely bride I want to tell you something serious, when I was in their town I sensed some vad rogue activity nearby. That was the reason why I was so keen to bring my mate as well as Rose and Lavender out of there. No matter what happens don't let them go back there. If they have any unfinished business there then send your pack members masking their scents over there but don't let them set their foot out of your territory as well as their families. I did the same with mine. The mayor had retired just before my wedding and now he and his wife are going to stay in my pack as I don't want my wife to worry. Do the same for your mates.' He said while getting up.

Before leaving he looked at me and said,' You, I remember how you used to treat her before. It is going to be hard now but show patience with her. She us a very headstrong girl now. Show her you regret and your real feelings towards her now. Don't hurt her again. Treat her like the queen she is. I did not do so much for nothing.' he said with a serious expression and I nodded and he went to dance with his wife again. I was forever going to be grateful to him for what he did.

I looked at Rose again. She was sitting at a table with with lavender while her parents and Rose' s grandparents were dancing to a slow song called 'Perfect'. It was beautiful. I wish I could hold my mate in my arms and dance with her. Just then a little boy came and said something to lavender and she excused herself and went towards the garden. 'Time to meet my mate!' Dean said excitedly fixing his hair and started walking in the direction in which his mate had left. I smiled and looked back at rose. She was eating right now while looking at her grandparents dancing and smiled. Rose, I promise you, we will be just like that when we grow old. I will meet you tonight. 'Are you ready James?' I asked my wolf. 'Yes, and this time we will not let her go away.' James said excitedly.


Everyone in the pack hall had left. I had no idea where Dean and lavender were. There was only one person upstairs who was actually checking if nothing had been left behind over there. My Rose was so sweet. I went upstairs and followed the scent that lead ne to a changing room. The door was open. I said to James, 'Unleash our scent.' He immedietly did that. I walked up to the entrance of the room and Rose turned around looking shocked.

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