Chapter 19

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Rose's pov

I got up  very early in the morning and got ready. I had to be at the pack entrance at 7pm. I had to literally yell in lavender's ears to get her up. She was not a morning person at all. Even after coming out of the shower she looked groggy. I took a last look at the whole room to see if we forgot anything and went out. Lavender was standing at the door as I approached her but then suddenly someone yelled her name, 'Hey lavender.' it was Dean. He walked fast or almost ran and immedietly gave her a kiss wrapping his arms around her. After they broke apart lavender looked like she was in a daze but immedietly snapped out of it. 'Rose, can you give us a minute, I need to talk something with him.' 'Sure I will be at the pack entrance.' I said. I went to my grandparents as well but they said they will come in five minutes so I left for the pack entrance alone. Over there I saw Alexander standing near a mimi bus looking tensed but the minute he saw me he grinned and looked very happy.

Alexander's pov
Today morning while getting ready I was tensed because I was unsure whether she will come or not. Dean had gone to pick up his mate and so I waited outside the mini-bus which I had ordered from my pack as there were two families along with me and Dean travelling. While I was waiting I saw her approaching and I couldn't help but smile. She was coming back! But she had a sad and reluctant look on her face. I approached her and said, 'Give me your suitcases, I will put them in the mini bus.' She gave me a look which I thought was a glare and said, 'No thanks, I can carry it myself, I don't need your help.' she said and walked ahead. I followed her and opened the back door of the bus where we were keeping our luggage. I was smiling at her constantly while she kept on glaring at me. I knew that I should be sad but just the fact she was beside me and coming with me to my pack was enough to make me and my wolf happy. I was ready to spend the rest of my life apologising to her. My Rose. I couldn't help but notice how beautiful she looked even today. By then the remaining people arrived.
I said hello to her grandparents and they simply  nodded. When we climed into the bus I saw that there were two rows, one on the right and the other on the left. Rose's grandparents and lavender's parents took the first seats in the two rows as it would be easier for them to climb down. Dean and his mate went to sit in the last row. Lavender's parents did not seem to have any kind of problem with it because they already knew that they were mates. I said goodbye to jake and told him I will visit again and closed the door. I saw Rose sitting on the seat next to Dean in the right row while Dean and his mate were on the left row. I went and sat next to Rose. 'Why the hell are you over here? There are many more seats available.' she said looking angry. 'I can seat anywhere I like Rose. I arranged for this bus. I sm not even bothering you. Why are you so angry?' 'You know what, do whatever you want. I will just go to sleep.' she said closing her eyes shut. I sighed and looked at Dean. He was having the time of his life with his mate making out with her in the backseat. The elders had already fallen asleep and here I was. I could not even look out of the window because Rose had the window seat. I just stared at her like a fool. With her eyes shut, her smooth skin,her plump lips she looked like a doll. I really wanted to kiss her but I held myself back. The journey was of three hours and we were just in the first ten minutes. After a while I stopped staring and looked at Dean and saw that his mate had fallen asleep as well. It was on his shoulder. He looked at me and mindlinked, 'Today morning was a bit of a problem for me and her.' 'Really, what happened?' 'She came to know that I belonged to your pack and Rose had told her everything and she was scared of Me and of our pack.' Dean said. 'How did you convince her then?' I asked. 'I didn't man. Rose did. She told her that I was nice to her before she left the pack. But still today morning she made me promise her that no matter what happens in the future we will not treat anyone that way and that I will always act with my conscious while helping you.'.' You always do that', 'I know, but giving that promise reassured her. And you know we both never break our words.'

'Well at least we know that lavender will be a good beta mate for our pack.'
' I came to know that the minute I laid my eyes on her.' Dean replied. 'Any progress with Rose.'he asked.' Nope, still hates me.' I replied. 'You deserve that, you know right.' 'I know. But I am ready for all that. You have some rest as well.' I replied and looked at him. He smiled and nodded and cut off the mind link and closed his eyes as well. I returned back to staring at my luna. I could never get bored doing that. We still had two hours of journey left. But suddenly she opened her eyes and hissed, 'Would you stop doing that?' 'I thought you were asleep.' 'I was trying to be but couldn't with you ogling at me all the time.' she whispered in an angry tone. 'I was  not looking at you. I was looking at the window.' I said and she looked at me with a look of disbelief on her face. 'You know what, I don't care.' she said and  closed her eyes again. I decided to give her privacy and took out my phone and started looking at the pictures of her I had taken at the wedding. At least over there she had a smile on her face.

I looked at her once again and saw that she had fallen asleep for real. There was still an 45 minutes left to reach. Even in her sleep she had a sad and troubled look on her face. I felt sad myself looking at it. I wanted to tell her that there was nothing for her worry about. In the pack I will see to it that she will be treated with the highest honours as well as her grandparents. My pack was no longer that same. We now accepted human mates wholeheartedly and even gave them basic training. But I knew that with the past I shared with her I should be grateful that she was even willing to come back. It was going to be hard and a long journey if I wanted to win her trust and heart. But I was ready for that. My mate. My luna. My love. My Rose. I  am willing to wait. I said in my mind while looking at her sleeping face.

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