Chapter 6

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Picture above is of alpha alexander

Rose's pov

I walked into the pack house through the back door as I did not want anyone to see me in a dress. I immedietly ran into the attic and changed into the rags and carefully folded the dress and then stepped out to make some dinner. The next day went as usual. The stares filled with disgust and me cooking the breakfast, lunch and dinner. The occasional kicks from sabrina and her gang of sluts.

But what everyone didn't know was that I was planning my secret escape. Up in the attic people usually throw useless stuff they don't want to use, so taking advantage of it I searched the entire attic and found an old backpack. I care fully put all the photos in it and the dress. That was all  that I was taking. I wanted nothing else from this pack once I leave. Not even its food and water. Today at midnight I was going to find out whether I am werewolf or a human.

After washing the dishes I went upstairs in the attic.  I looked at the watch and saw it was 10 pm. What I had observed while coming back to the attic was that everyone at the dining table looked tired. Today's training had been hard on them. It was good for me as it meant they would all fall into a deep sleep and would not be able to sense my transformation as I was all the way up in the attic. There was a gap of a floor between me and the elite pack members. I knew that the omegas who lived who lived a floor beneath me were too weak to sense my transformation in their sleep. But still after a hour and a half I went outside and checked, there was no one around and the pack house was dark with all the lights switched off. I closed and locked the door as well as all the windows. I waited there patiently for 2o minutes.

The clock struck twelve and suddenly I felt a pain throughout my body. It was as if someone was trying to rip it apart. I was a werewolf! It turned out my dad's genes were stronger than my mom's. I was going throughy first transformation. Finally when the pain was gone I opened my eyes and looked down. I had paws instead of legs.

'Hello Rose. My name is lily and I am your wolf'. 'hi lily it's nice to meet you.' I looked into the mirror and say that I had jet black fur and still the same green eyes. My wolf was magnificent. I admired what I saw in the mirror. 'we are beautiful. Aren't we?' Lily chuckled. 'And sweety don't be so formal with me. We are stuck with each other for the rest of our lives.' I smiled and said, 'well Lily, I want you to immedietly mask our scent.' 'But why Rose, you just transformed.' Listen to me and do it right this second. I will tell you later'.

'Okay its done now  no one will be able to detect your scent. Be sure to not be alone when in front of the elite members of the pack. So that they don't sense that you have masked your scent without their permission. Thus is usually done when you are going outside the boundaries of the pack with you alpha's permission so that you don't get  attacked by rogues. Now can I know why you masked our scent'. Lily said sarcastically.

'let me show you lily.' I closed my eyes and replayed all my memories in my head. The attack, mom and dad's death, the torture, the beating, the bullying,my plan, everything. Lily was silent the whole time.

After that I transferred back into my human form. Lily was still silent. 'lily' I asked in my head. She said, 'Ava,as your wolf I can feel your pain. It's like I also went through all the torture when you showed me those memories. The main reason I am shocked is because of your main bully. He acts like a monster with you. Doesn't his wolf stop him. I mean he is going to be an alpha and what he is doing is wrong. My god! I am going to fully help you escape this pack. Even if we find our mate here. I am not one of those wolves who will get melted because of her mate Rose. Yes I will always have a longing desire always to be with him but just remember that there is nothing more important to me than your happiness. You are not a part of me but I am a part of you. Everything that I saw is something that you have actually gone through. It's outrageous. Don't worry. You have me now. I know a lot of a thing or two about fighting and also I am a very fast runner. We will escape together from this hell hole'.

I smiled. I had someone in this world who cared for me. I told her to not give her scent out any second. She told me that she will try her best. With those thoughts I took one last look at my packed backpack and went to sleep. Tomorrow is the the day!

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