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Rose pov

Today when I was working in my shop, my second best friend in the town Belle came in with a huge smile on her face. She was actually the mayor's only child. When I started working here she used to come on a regular basis and slowly and gradually we became friends. She loved nature and would often go out on expeditions. Actually, she had just come back yesterday from a trip. It had been the longest a of about four months. Everyone was kind of worried about her.

I greeted her with a huge smile and said, 'Hey girl, how have you been?'.
'Better than ever.' she replied with a huge smile on her face. I don't know why but something a out her seemed diffrent. I brushed off my thoughts and said, 'So, how was the trip? Did you enjoy it. It was your longest one.'
She looked at me and said, 'Yes it went    well actually better than I expected'. She actually had a blush on her face while saying that. It felt like she was hiding something. She was not her usual talkative, bubbly self right now. I straight up asked her, 'Is there something you want to tell me Belle. If you don't want to then it's alright but it feels like you want to talk.' I said and returned back to tying the bouquet, today I was alone in the shop with her. Everyone else had gone to a wedding that was taking place to deliver the flowers and decorate the reception hall for the wedding.

' Rose, I do want to tell you something. Something very big.' I nodded my head and then she said, 'Rose, I am engaged!' I dropped the flowers I was holding on the floor. SHE WAS WHAT? she just came back yesterday! Who was that guy? 'Belle are you serious? These type of decisions are not supposed to be taken so quickly. First of all, who is he? Where did you even meet him? Oh my god Belle, are you sure he is the right guy?' I literally bombarded her with questions.

She said, ' Rose please calm down. I met him on my trip. You will also meet him soon. My dad knows about him and I know he is not taking advantage of me. Please just calm down Rose.' she said.

'I want to meet him. I mean how can he just convince you in such a short time to even marry him. We need to tell lavender about this'.

Lavender had the same reaction as me. We just wanted to meet him. Belle told us that if we liked him then we were going to be the bridesmaids at her wedding. We did not say anything. We were just planning to beat the hell out of that guy to know his real intentions. Belle was our best friend and we will not let some loser hurt her. We were both sitting in her living room waiting for her fiance when suddenly an unknown scent hit me. Not just any, it felt very similar to an alpha's. There was a werewolf in this house! I looked at Lavender who looked just as shocked as me. Belle entered the room with her arm around a guy or should I say an alpha. Everything slowly started making sense to me. Belle was a human mate of a werewolf! And not just any,but am alpha! He looked at me and I could feel power radiating from him. He definitely had that aura around him.

'Oh do these are your friends Belle, who were very eager to meet me.' He said while giving me and Lavender a big smile. We both smiled back  but were a bit scared. Even if we were Belle's friends we were still rogues. He said, 'Belle why don't you make something good for us to eat while i impress your friends.' Belle nodded and left the room.

His face became a bit serious and said, 'I know you two don't mean any harm. Belle could not stop talking about you two. So, I am going to tell you something. I found Belle in my terittory when while walking around the forest she accidently stumbled on it. I found she was my mate. For the past two months she has been living with me.' We were both a bit shocked. He was the reason why her trip had lasted this long. ' I just want to tell that our marriage is going to take place in my pack. You two and your families and hers as well will be the only outsiders invited. Are you okay with it?' We both nodded and Belle came in with the snacks. He seemed like a genuinely nice guy. We chatted a lot. Now that I know Belle is the mate of a werewolf alpha named Jake my worries have gone away.

There is only one problem. I feel anxious to go back into a pack after such a long time. I hope that no one will recognise me. Even if its for a short period of time. I shook off my worries and focused more on the fact that made me happy. My best friend was getting married!!!!

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