Chapter 1

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Rose's pov

The alarm in my room started ringing and my reflexes stopped it within seconds, if anyone woke up because of it then I know that I will receive a beating today. It was 5am in the morning and I woke up before everyone else to make their breakfast. I put on my clothes or what I should call almost rags. My life was awful. My parents had died when I was two years old. My father was one of best pack warriors but his mate was a human. Although my pack did not like humans they still allowed my mother to come in as they could not risk losing their best warrior. They reluctantly allowed her in and showed indifference towards her but still she was happy with my father shortly after they met they had me and their happiness knew no bounds. Everything was fine and beautiful but one night when they were taking a walk with me suddenly out of nowhere rogues attacked our territory....... My dad tackled them bravely and killed most of them but one of them was too strong and killed him. Even if my mom was a human she tried to save me and put up a brave fight but she was attacked as well, by that time many other pack members arrived and the rogues were killed but my both parents died in the attack.

I was too shocked at that tiny age after what happened to remember everything but still in my dreams I got glimpses and flashes of that scene. The attack,the blood, the screaming. A tear escaped my eye even remembering that. My mom and dad. Ever since they died the pack found a way of blaming me for their deaths and no matter what I did disgusted them. They hated me because most of them had already assumed I was a human as my mom was one. Whenever a werewolf and a human mated there were even chances of their children being a human or a werewolf but I knew that even if I was a werewolf I would still be treated as a pack maid and worse than an omega despite being a warrior's daughter.

I sighed. My life sucked. But despite all the bad things I was still allowed to go to school. I loved it and thought it would be my escape route to a college and a better life. So I studied hard pulling all nighters, for hours together despite all the bullying and graduated a year early. I thought of applying to colleges but the pack did not allow me. They forced me to become a pack maid and work for them. So here I was almost a year later cooking in the pack kitchen. I was going to turn eighteen and at that age they would find out if I was a human or a werewolf and if I had a mate. The thought scared me. I would rather be a maid here than be forcefully mated to someone in this pack. My birthday was in two weeks and I had decided to mask my scent so that my mate or anyone else would not be able to smell me.

I completed making the the breakfast and I started hearing footsteps in the kitchen. It was the omegas who had come in to take the breakfast out.

I sighed, the alpha of this pack as well as the luna treated me with indifference, its like they didn't even know about my existence. It was their son who I feared the most. Ever since my preschool he bullied me and it got worse over the years. I feared him, even his presence. He knew that and seemed to enjoy that fact.

I walked into the living room of the pack house. Today the alpha and luna were not there for breakfast. It was only their son and his friends, as most of the important pack members were having an early meeting. I couldn't care less about it. As I walked ahead I faced him. His was sitting at the dining table with a pack slut by his side. Gross. I felt his eyes on me and I walked fast almost ran to the attic upstairs which was alloted to me as a room. The man I feared the most- soon to be alpha Alexander.

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