Chapter 20

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Rose's pov

'Rose, wake up. We have reached. Wake up Rose.' I opened my eyes and saw Alexander waking me up. 'Okay I will go and wake up grandma and grandad.' I said and got out of my seat. I woke them up and soon we all got down from the bus. As soon  we as got down I saw thar pack entrance. The entrance to my living hell. The place I swore I would never come back to but then I heard the sound of grandpa helping grandma climb down. 'This is for them Rose. For their safety.' lily said. Suddenly, I felt a hand on my shoulder, it was lavender. 'Rose, I know everything about you and Alexander. Dean told it to me this morning. Don't worry, I am with you this time. If they even try to hurt you I will kick their ass.' she said and I smiled at her. When we both looked behind, the pack members had already come and were carrying our bags inside the pack. I took my grandma' s hand and helped her and grandad. Suddenly alexander started walking with us. I glared at him and he simply smiled. When all of us entered through the pack entrance I saw something I never expected, everyone was bowing down. Then suddenly a little girl came and handed flowers to me and lavender
I smiled at her, that was really sweet.

Then we began walking again and I saw my parent's house. Memories surfaced back and I felt a tightening on my chest. I had missed it so much. Alexander stood beside me and said, 'Your grandparents are going to live here'. I widened my eyes and looked and him. 'Don't worry everything is the same it was, we just cleaned it up. And the house next to it, that is where lavender's parents are going to stay.'he said while smiling at lavender. ' Thank you very much alpha.' lavender replied. 'don't thank me. They are a part in f the pack now.'he said smiling.

' Where am I supposed to live?' I asked him coldly.' In the pack house Rose. You are my mate.' he said as if it was obvious.' I have not accepted you Alexander. I sm not going to stay in the same room as you.' I said firmly. ' I respect your opinion Rose. And that is the reason why you are going  in the room next to me. Please atleast come in the pack house Rose. Please.' Alexander said. I took a deep breath and went to tslk with my grandparents. After escorting them to their house and having a short talk with them I left and saw Alexander still waiting over there. Seeing me, he grinned and started walking with me towards the pack house. On our way over there a lot of people greeted us and bowed down. Children gave us greetings and flowers. All of this was very new to me. I had never gotten so much respect in this pack. I did not even utter a single word while tk him while walk King towards the pack house. My grandparents had two woman in their house who were cooking and cleaning for them andso that was a relief because grandma used to get a bit tired nowadays doing all the work.

As soon as we reached the pack house I saw many familiar faces who just greeted us and left. They had a ashamed look on their face. I did not even say anything to them. Then the ex alpha and luna that is Alexander's parents came in front of me.

We stood silently for a while. I didn't want to talk to them. I just simply  bowed down my head and st arted walking again. Alexander kept following me. Finally we reached our floor. While walking up the stairs many memories flashed in my mind which I didn't want to go through. The torture,the bullying, everything. I started feeling a bit dizzy. Suddenly someone held my hand. I looked up and saw it was alexander, 'Are you alright?' he asked me with a worried face. I simply nodded. He showed me a door and said, 'that is your room. Next to it is mine. You can come over there anytime you want.'he said with a smile. I opened the door and he went into his room as well. I saw the room and everything was extremely luxurious. It was decorated very well and very comfortable as well. But all this didn't even bother me. I went and changed my clothes. I only had dresses and nightwear with me as I was coming to a wedding, and one pair of jeans and t-shirt that I was wearing right now. So, I went ahead and put on a blue back-up dress I had brought with me. I combed my hair. I went out of the room and knocked on Alexander's door.

He opened it and his eyes widened after seeing me. 'I-I just wanted to ask, when are we going get our things that we left behind in the town. Me, grandpa and grandma have very less sets of clothing with us right now.'i said.' Well, I will be sending people to get them in a few days as it is a bit risky to go there but don't worry, I will arrange clothes and any other things you need.' he replied back.' Well, thank you.' I said and then turned to leave. ' Rose, the lunch will be ready at 12'  'I don't wanna have lunch' I replied and hurried downstairs.

With everything going on in my life, I needed a bit of fresh air. I went out of the pack house and walked towards the garden. Over there I sat down on a bench and sighed. The pack was the same and yet everything had changed. I was thinking about visiting my grandparents when I suddenly heard a very cute little soft voice say, 'Luna Rose!'

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