Chapter 9

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Author's note: I know the song given is quite childish but it was all I could find.

Rose's pov

'Rose you can take over now. I think we are in a human settlement'. I looked around and saw a small town in front of me. When I was running away after some time lily had offered to take over as she was faster. She said she would let me take over when she thought we were in a safe place. We both were extremely tired but our determination kept us going. I wanted to find my grandmother. I went upto what felt like a grocery shop. I asked,
'Can you tell me where the train station is?' He gestured me to go straight and I began walking. I had looked at the name of the town on the board but it was not the same as grandma's address. I went upto the train station and on the counter there was an old man sitting,I asked him,' Excuse me do you where this town is?' I asked him showing the address. The old man said, 'Yes miss. It is about two hours away from here if you travel by train.' I asked what was the amount of the ticket and if there was seat available. Luckily, there was and I brought out the money to pay him. How do I have that you ask?  Well when I went to my old house i found my mom and dad's old wallets and for years I had been collecting spare coins from the pack that would be dropped by someone or left behind. I know I sound like a beggar but that was the only option I had. I never even had any clothes of my own. They would usually be hand-me-downs or taken out from a dumpster.

While leaving the pack, a day before I had offered an omega to clean up the alpha's office for her. She had happily handed me the job and left but in the office I actually pretended to clean up the cupboards and snuck out my mom's file along with the useless paperwork that was supposed to be thrown away. I did not want them to know my grandmother's address. I was sure not to even leave a trace behind of me.

Grandparents- I sighed while thinking about them. What were  they like? After so many years of not contacting them will they accept me? Or will they even recognise me? Were they in that anymore? I took my seat in the train. This was the first time in my life I was taking a chance. I did not know what was waiting for me but I hoped it will be better than what I had experienced in the past.


I got down from the train when my stop was announced. Lily said, 'Well now let's find grandma!' Full of enthusiasm. I chuckled. She was always so full of energy and it was because of her support that i could escape my awful life. Right now I don't really know what is in store for the future but i am glad I have her. I asked a couple of people for directions. There were also some people looking at me weirdly but I just kept on walking. I finally reached my destination. In front of me was a house which looked like a cottage. It was quite similar to mine. I knocked on the door.

An elderly looking woman opened the door and I knew it was undoubtedly my grandma. She had my red hair and her nose was exactly like mine. She looked speechless. I felt that she was surprised to see a young girl who looked a like a total mess at her doorstep on a Sunday afternoon.

Before I could explain or even say anything to her, she suddenly exclaimed, 'Rose!'

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