Chapter 7

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Rose's pov

In the morning I got up and again went into the kitchen to make the breakfast but that was when I was stopped by an omega, 'Rose, don't mam e anything today. The luna is herself going to come into the kitchen today to make the all the food. You might as well just stay in your room'.

I was a little bit shocked, 'Luna making the food? Why?' I asked. The omega looked at me shocked and said, 'You didn't know, today is Alpha Alexander's coronation as the alpha. The whole pack is going to gather at 12pm to see that and have lunch later on. So that is reason I am telling you that you are not required today in the kitchen or in the pack house. You go to your room. And don't come out of it. If anyone comes across you it will only create more problems for you. Actually, the whole pack is up right now as well as the alpha's family. They are  going to start the pre rituals of the coronation ceremony in some time so they are all getting ready.' I simply nodded my head and left.

As I was going suddenly the most amazing scent hit my nose. It was of pinecones and peppermint. The scent was addictive. I looked to see where it was coming from and  looked outside on the field. I was shocked to see Alexander standing over there talking to the alpha. I quickly turned away and went from there. I knew what this scent was. I just needed one confirmation. Lily whispered, 'mate'.

The demon, the monster, the one who I could call as my worst nightmare, the one who was determined to destroy me, break me, almost kill me. I don't know what was the moon goddess thinking, this monster, soon to be alpha alexander, was my mate?!

No! Never! I am not going to accept this! I have heard that a luna always increases an alpha's power. He might abuse me more, even sexually. No! I am not going to let him touch me. I am leaving! He will not use me to build up his power!

'Lily, we are leaving.' I said sternly to my wolf in the attic. 'We have a problem Rose. Now that I know that our mate is an alpha wolf I don't know how long I can mask my scent in front of him. When I detected his scent I could feel his wolf getting restless. Its better if we leave during the coronation. Among many other scents he might not be able to detect. Then also I have no guarantee Rose. I don't know how longer I can mask the scent especially in front of an alpha mate. But I know for sure that if you go in front of him then he will be able to recognise you'.

I sighed. Why was my life so messed up? Why was he my mate? My only option was to stay in the attic till 12pm.

*Time skip*

It was 12pm and the whole pack house was deserted. I took my backpack and started walking. When I reached the stage which was actually near the entrance of our pack. When I go out of it into the forest I will become a rogue. I went near the entrance and took one last look at the stage. I saw the crown of the alpha being placed on Alexander's head. I could not deny he was attractive. Or was it just the mate bond showing its effects. But I did not want to be near him. Never. I was about to take step forward  when suddenly I heard lily yell in my head, 'Rose, our scent has been let out. He can sense you!' Terrified I looked behind and saw Alpha Alexander lookin in my direction.

He suddenly sniffed the air around him and I knew, I just knew he had found out

He suddenly yelled 'Mine' while looking at me and I turned away and ran... from him, the person I hated the most, the devil who ruined my life, run. Neither me nor my wolf care about him he is a monster. Tears were in my eyes even while thinking about him. He loudly growled my name commanding me to stop but I just ran faster and only one thought in my head

'Run. Never come back. I don't care about that devil even if he was my mate. 

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