Chapter 18

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Rose's pov

I took a deep breath and went to my grandparents room. 'Rose, you are finally here. Took you long enough to come. By the way everything is packed for tomorrow. When are we leaving by the way?' my grandma asked. Grandpa also looked at me.

'I need to talk to both of you. Something very important.' Both my grandparents listened carefully. I explained everything to them, the danger of the rogues and why we needed to shift to another pack. But by the end of it I got the reaction I expected, 'no'.

'Rose, you are our granddaughter, we love you eternally and don't care if you are a werewolf but to go abd live among them. This is something we can't do Rosy. We will fake care of ourselves. You can go and live with your kind.'

'Grandpa, the sole reason I am going is because the alpha is offering you protection. Please come. I don't want to lose the two of you like I lost mom and dad!' Mentioning them made their faces soften. 'Rose, what is the guarantee that the alpha will treat us well.' 'Grandma, the alpha has given his word. The minute he breaks it we will leave the pack to never go back over there. Trust me grandma.' 'But honey, why specifically that pack only?'

I took a deep breath, it was high time I told them the truth, 'The alpha us my mate.' There was a long silence in the room. 'That means you...' my grandpa began saying. 'That doesn't mean anything grandpa. I haven't accepted him as my mate. I just want our family to be safe. I an just looking out for us. Grandma please just come with me tomorrow to the pack. Please. That us the only way we can be safe from the rogues.' I pleaded. In the end, they reluctantly agreed. Sadness could be seen on their faces. I told them about the mayor and lavender' s family as well and they seemed a bit relaxed after that but just a bit. I said goodnight to them and went towards mine and lavender's bedroom but as soon as I entered I wished I didn't because I saw two people making out with each other ferociously. Oh my god! How could i forget she had found her mate? They were literally eating each other's faces. Seeing me inside the room lavender immedietly pulled away but her mate not taking the hint began kissing her neck. I felt like awkward. 'Dean, Rose is here, stop!' 'Oh I am so sorry' her mate said and turned around. Her mate was none other than DEAN, THE BETA OF MY EX-PACK AND ALEXANDER'S BEST FRIEND. But then I remembered that at my old pack Dean was rmthe only one who used stop alexander before he went too far. He never bullied me but instead tried to stop them. He was even nice to me sometimes. And now he was lavender's mate. He looked just as shocked to see me. 'Rose, this is my mate, Dean!' she said excitedly. I smiled at her and then at him. Seeing me, he smiled back. 'Good for you Rose and Dean rake good care of her. She is one of the most precious people to me in this entire world.' He nodded and said, 'I will.' and kissed her cheek making her blush. 'Okay, I guess it's time for me to leave. I will see you two tomorrow morning.' he said and whispered something in lavender's ears which made her turn red. He chuckled and then left. Lavender came and sat beside me, 'So, how do you know Dean?' 'He was in my old pack.' lavender immedietly widened her eyes. I had told her about my old pack and she had always thought of them as monsters. Now the beta of my old pack was her mate. 'Lavender, its alright, Dean is a good guy. He never bullied me. He even tried to stop them. He will be a good mate, trust me.' 'I - I will talk to him about it. I will think about t-this later. He did not tell me about this.' she let out a sigh. 'Rose I will take a shower and come back. Its a good thing he did not mark me right now. It was so foolish of me. Just because he was my mate I...... I trusted him. But he has given his word that once we go his pack, they will not trouble my parents. He.... He will not break it right.' I nodded. ' lavender I...... '. ' Rose let's talk later please. I will go take a shower. ' saying that she grabbed a bath robe and went into the bathroom.

I walked towards the window and stood there. Today I had tears in my eyes in front alexander because he came in front of me unexpectedly. But the truth was that I had quit crying for the last three years. I did not even cry once. I intend to keep it like that. I am no longer the weak, fragile girl. I am now a strong independent women. I had sensed the smell of rogues one or two times as well but they never came close to the town to smell strong enough that is the reason why I took it lightly but when jake told me then I knew that I had to do something to protect my family. Taking them back over there would be impractical on my part. They were old now and grandma also had to use a stick occasionally to walk. I also had no training. Besides that I did not even know how many were there. I had already lost people I loved once to rogues and that is not going to happen again. If Alexander has given an alpha's word to give them a place in the lack then I know he will not break it. That is what mattered to me the most, my family. Lily suddenly whimpered. 'What happened lily?' 'Out mate is constantly trying to use wolf communication to talk with me but I keep on blocking him. Rose, honestly after today I don't know, our mate has really changed or He just wants to bring us back into the pack so that they can have a luna. I am confused between the one I saw when we ran away or the one we saw today who confessed his love.'.' lily I don't want to think about this right now. The only thing that matters to is that grandpa and grandma are safe and are treated with respect. I don't want a mate right now. Let's go yo sleep. Tomorrow we have to wake up early.'

I went on the bed and while laying down I sighed. Alexander. He will keep his word. Was he really sorry? Did he really love....... I shook my head, silly, silly Rose. J closed my eyes. Tomorrow I am going back to a place which I used to call hell.

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