Chapter 11

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Rose's pov


'Rose. The these bunch of tulips immedietly and give then to the gentleman standing at the corner.' My grandma said. I nodded my head and did the work and put the money in a cash register. My grandparents owned the biggest and the only flower shop in the town. We had a huge garden behind our house where we grew flowers and sold them. We even made artificial ones at home if anyone ordered them. I had to admit that these three years had been the best in my entire life. Every morning I woke up and came to the shop and helped my grandparents in this shop. Christmas, valentine's day, new years, Weddings, thanksgiving were the times when we were the busiest and my grandparents said they were really glad that I was there to help them now because I worked fast and efficient and also took a lot of their stress away. Being a werewolf had its advantages because I could work twice as much and h ad a lot of stamina in me compared to humans. Even Lily loved to work over here a lot. She felt close to nature. That was our last customer of the day. Grandpa and grandma were now closing the shop and I was placing one of the pots on a shelf when I suddenly slipped and someone held me and stopped me from falling. I looked behind and saw it was my best friend Lavender. 'You have been getting quite clumsy these days young lady' she said while laughing. 'Girls come on, we are going home. We have to close the shop.' My grandma yelled. We quietly followed her out and grandpa closed the door of the shop. Me and lavender started talking about random things and were giggling like two little girls until we finally reached my home.When we went in my grandparents told me to sit at the table. Thay went inside the kitchen and lavender followed them. I knew exactly what they were doing. Today was my birthday and it also marked the exact third year of me leaving my pack and coming over here. Suddenly i  heard three voices singing in unison, 'Happy birthday to you!' My grandparents held the cake while lavender was taking pictures as well as holding a camcorder in her hand recording everything. I blew the candles and all three themes clapped their hands and cheered. I couldn't help but smile. My life was so diffrent and happy now. Soon after my grandma served everyone the cake and we started eating with lavender sitting by my side on the table. The whole town knew me now. My grandparents h ad made up a story that my parents had died in a car crash and soon after that I came to live with them. The whole town had welcomed me with open arms but no one knew that I was werewolf except for my grandparent and lavender's family.

Lavender knew my secret because she was a werewolf as well. Her parents were actually rogues but were good people. When they found out they were mates they still lived in the forests but when her mom discovered she was pregnant they decided to settle down and adapt a human lifestyle because they wanted to give their child a better life. They immedietly came to know I was werewolf when they saw me but were not angry or sad. They were happy that their daughter had found a friend from whom she did not have to hide anything. Me and lavender had a great friendship. We were inseperable. When we met we bonded over the fact that our names both were that of flowers and had been the best of friends ever since. But her parents had told her to not really expect to find a mate because it was very rare for rogues to find one. They were just lucky enough and so just like me she was not trained like werewolves but brought up like a human. Lavender usually was all the time at my house because her parents were always working late. She also had dinners and sleepovers at my place. My grandparents never complained about her being around infact they loved her and treated her just like me. They knew she was a werewolf but never even mentioned it once. They all had a great bond.

After eating cake and eating the dinner, lavender left as her parents had come home early that day. I told my grandparents that I will be in my room. They said goodnight to me and said happy birthday once again. I went into my room and sat on my bed. I smiled once again remembering today 's day. I looked at the photograph of mom and sad kept on my bedside table. I kissed it whispered,' I miss you ' to them. I got up after that and changed into my payjamas and looked at the bruises on my body which were now silver. I still remembered the day i told the entire truth about my pack to all three of them. While grandpa and grandma's anger just increased lavender was horrified and was grateful that she was a rogue. Today when I looked at my grandparents I saw them feeding each other cake. They looked so cure. They were actually highschool sweethearts and had my mom very early. They had to go through a lot of stress but grandma said that it only made their bond stronger.

I thought that if Alexander had treated me better in the pack then maybe we would been together....... I mentally slapped myself for thinking like that. How  could I even think like that? 'Rose calm down, I think like that about James all the time. It is natural. After all it is mate bond as you both have not rejected each other.' Lily said.

I felt bad for Lily. Everyday I could feel her getting a bit depressed because because wolves needed their mates. Even if she did put up a strong will and helped me run away I could sense that somewhere she was missing her mate.' Rose, pls stop thinking like this. Right now I don't want a discussion about our mate. Especially when today's day went so well. Let's not end it on a sour note. I went and  switched off the light. I laid down on the bed and decided to not think about this topic anymore.

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