Chapter 2

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Rose's pov

I sat in my room thinking about my life. My stomach was yearning for food but I knew I couldn't have any as I was not allowed to. I was only allowed one meal per day and that was the leftovers after the pack had their dinner. I was barely living off scraps. If only I ran away. But then where will I go. I would become a rogue and any pack I go to would just ship me off over here as this pack would send word out about a missing pack member. I literally sobbed at the fact that I had no one.

Suddenly I heard banging on the door. I quickly wiped my tears and opened the door. Standing in front of me was my nightmare-alpha Alexander. He opened his mouth and said "how many times have I told you to not lock the door. This is the second mistake you have done in the morning." I just stuttered 'what was the first one s.. Sir?"

' you put more salt in the breakfast' he said in a threatening voice. Suddenly he forcefully grabbed my hand and yelled 'You did that on purpose, didn' t you. You wanted to ruin my breakfast. Apperantly it seems you find joy in ruining other people's day. I am going to teach you a lesson today. And I also noticed that someone nibbled a little bit chicken they had made for others without permission.' he said in a dark voice.

'You are so disgusting.'he said with hate evident in his voice. I don't even know why he hated me so much. What have I done? 'Sabrina, lock her in her room. Tell her not to come out, I don't wish to see her ugly face.' He said while leaving the room.

As soon as he left Sabrina had a wicked smile on her face and said, 'how about I teach you a lesson myself.' and started dragging me towards the torture room. 'He did not tell you to harm her Sabrina. Stop!'. Someone said. 'Oh shut up, as the future luna of this pack I can do whatever I want.' she yelled. She opened the room and threw me against the wall, my vision blurring. The last thing I remembered was her laughing and grabbing a silver weapon before my eyes closed.

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