Chapter 4

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Rose's pov

I started cooking dinner. While cooking I had silent tears coming out of my eyes. This was not what I wanted from my life. In our pack even the omegas were trained and were given a better life than why was I the only one to be treated like this. I had not called the rogues. I did not want my parents to die. I was not responsible for anything. They did not even know that I was a werewolf or human. But keeping my thoughts aside I focused on making the dinner. When I finished making it I gave it to the omegas to take it outside. I want out of the kitchen and I saw the pack at the dining table talking with each other as the omegas served them dinner. I sprinted towards the attic and closed the door careful enough to not lock it like last time. I just sat silently on my bed and took out a picture. It was of my family. I looked at it and saw my parents holding me. We all were smiling towards the camera. We all looked so happy. Just like a perfect family. What would they think about me being treated this way? I cried and looked out of the window. I don't know how long I sat there but when I looked at the watch it was already 10 pm. I got out of the attic and went towards the kitchen to wash the dishes. I entered the kitchen and saw the leftovers. A little bit of rice, some chicken and a bit of a salad. That was my dinner. I silently ate it and started washing the dishes. Once I was done I started leaving but I suddenly remembered the vitamins that the pack doctor gave me. I removed one pill out of the water and poured myself a glass of water. I took the pill and took one and kept the glass down. I started walking towards the attic when suddenly I bumped into something. Oh my god it was Alexander and his gang. My eyes widened in fear and stuttering my apologies I ran towards the attic. I went inside my so called room and tried closing the door when suddenly someone pushed it open. As expected it Alexander and the beside him stood sabrina. Sabrina yelled, "hey loser,do you even know that the glass you drank water from is only used by the high ranking officials of the pack. Do you even have any sense?." "i- I  apologise. Please leave me alone. I will not do it again. Please." Everyone laughed at the way I spoke the words. Suddenly their eyes went on the photo frame of my family lying on the bed. Sabrina went and grabbed that. She suddenly said, 'Well you need to get a punishment for what you have, right? How about we take this away. Huh.

I started crying and replied, "No please, don't do that the frame was handmade by my mom. It is too precious. I swear I will not do the mistake again. Please just leave me alone. Please." I cried out. "Ohh so it was handmade by that filthy human who gave birth to you. Alexander I think we exactly know what tk do with this. ' she said handing it over to him.' Oh yes we do' he said and took it from her hand and threw it on the ground and crushed it with his feet. I did not even make a sound. My mom and dad's photo. He simply reduced a sentimental thing to nothing. Tears could not stop coming out of my eyes. They all just laughed like beasts and told me that u gad learnt my lesson and left. I quickly picked up that photo, the frame was destroyed but I picked up its pieces and kept it on an old table.

It was now three days remaining for my birthday. I wiped my tears and anger blazed through my soul. This pack could not have treated me worse. Destroying my mom's frame was the last straw. I am going to leave now. I don't care if I am a rogue or what happen to me but I will definitely not stay oner here. In this hell. But I knew they would not let me leave easily. They wanted to make me suffer as much as possible so I needed a proper plan. But before that I had to find out if i was a werewolf or not and if  I had somewhere to go to. I was definitely immedietly going to mask my scent if I was a werewolf. The wolves in my pack had that quality. It was a gift by the moon goddess to our pack. No other pack in the world could do that. But you lose it as soon as you become a rogue. But I was masking my scent if I was a werewolf in case I had a mate in this pack. I could not live in thus hell hole further nor did I want a mate belonging in this pack.

I stood at the small window in my room and decided. On my eighteenth birthday I am going. Forever.

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