Chapter 5

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The picture above is of rose.

Rose's pov

I started working on my plan. The next day I made breakfast and started thinking of ways I could get out of here. After the breakfast I cleaned the dishes and started working on the lunch a little bit early. Usually after lunch I always had a bit of a proxy time of about three or four hours where no one bothered me as they were all busy training or doing pack work. After washing the dishes I looked at the clock and saw it about 1:30 pm. I stepped out of the pack house. I started walking quickly and I knew where I wanted to go- my  parent's house or to be more accurate where i used to live  before the rogue attack. I thought about finding out more about her origins. The house was not occupied by anyone and just left the way it was as a tribute by the pack to its warrior. And on the other hand they treated his daughter like garbage. Pathetic. I sighed and kept walking. There was a sack. If I found something that is valuable then I would put it in there.

I snuck into the house. It was a two storey house with four rooms. The kitchen was had a fridge on which there were drawings made by me attached with magnets. I saw a swing. I felt my eyes wet as I remembered a memory where I used to sit on it and mom used to push it. There were more pictures of us on the wall and an album lying on the table. I immedietly took it and put it in the sack. I walked upstairs and saw three more rooms. Downstairs was my dad's study so it meant that upstairs one of these rooms was my nursery and another the master bedroom and one of them the guest room. I explored the nursery and the gest room. There was nothing special in there. Both were covered in loads of  dust. I walked towards the master bedroom putting all the photos I found on the way in my sac. I want inside the master bedroom. There was nothing special about it. It was like any other master bedroom just like the rest of the house. The only thing that made it special was the memories I had over here. I wish I could live over here and not in the rotten attic. I saw a table and some things on it. I walked over there and saw a wedding album of my parents wedding. It waet into the sac. Then suddenly something caught my attention, a letter. I opened it and started reading:

Dear mom,

Rose has started communicating  a lot after her second birthday even if some of it is still broken but at least she is making an effort. She is such a bright girl. I am feeling so happy. My little princess is growing up so fast. Soon enough she will be able to communicate properly. I can't wait for that day. Her second birthday was wonderful with her, me and Arthur. I am still sad that you could not make it. The pack still treats me like an outcast when Arthur is not around but I don't care about it now. My sole focus is my daughter now. Arthur still says she might be a werewolf and so she has to stay over here at least until her eighteenth birthday but if she is not then I am going to send her to live with you. We'll anyways I am not going to worry about the future right now. My only goal right now is to make the most of every moment of my little girl's childhood. To give her the best. Even Arthur thinks  this as well. I miss you and dad a lot. Don't forget to tell him that and also I am thinking of visiting you soon after Rose gets older and the problem with the rogues decreases. It has already decreased a lot. I will see you soon.

Lots of love,

Reading that letter I felt really bad. My mom died before she could deliver the letter to her mom..... Wait  a minute her mom! My grandma must be still alive. Which means I had relatives. Even if they were humans. My grandparents. I needed to find them. I immedietly searched through the drawer for more letters and there I found it, a letter from my grandmother with her address on it. I took that envelope and put it inside my the sac. Holding that I sneaked outside and started walking.

Suddenly someone tapped on my shoulder. I turned around in surprise. I saw the pack Doctor standing in front of me. She was smiling at me and I smiled back. 'Well, honey I didn't expect to see you here.' I smiled and said, 'Me too ma'am. But it is nice to meet you again.' She looked at me and asked, "Well are you busy right now?" I looked into the watch and saw it was 3 pm. I still had two more hours. I looked at her and said, 'Yes ma'am I do." She smiled and said,' please don't call me mam. You can call me aunt, oh by the way how silly of me, what is your name honey'. I smiled and replied, 'Mg name is Rosaline, but people call me Rose.' she smiled and said, 'Well Rose you can call me aunt Evaline. By the way I wanted to invite you to my home to eat my famous cookies. Would you like to come? My home is only a few minutes away from here.'

I was shocked. No one was nice to me in this pack. Offering me cookies and inviting me to their home was something no one had ever done. We started talking about random stuff while walking towards her house. It was very similar to mine. She offered me some of her peanut butter and chocolate chips cookies along with some tea. Her husband's name was John and he seemed like a genuinely nice guy. She told me about her daughter as well and how she was shocked but extremely happy that her daughter was mated to their old pack's alpha. But what surprised me the most was when she brought out a very beautiful dress and told me that she had brought it for me as a birthday gift as she had came across my birth date while I was in the hospital and knew my birthday was day after tomorrow. I literally held back my tears. She was really an angel. She consoled me and told me that I reminded her very much of her own daughter when she was seventeen. Whan she came to know I was an orphan she felt very bad. She even made me wear the dress and took a photo of me with it. She and her husband both told me that they had a great time talking with me and that I should visit them often. I said my goodbyes and left.

This was for the first time that I felt affection. Love. Or even the first time I received a gift after my second birthday. I was happy I was leaving the pack but also a tiny bit sad that I was leaving aunt Avaline and uncle John behind. I could not complete my promise of meeting them more often. Having those thoughts in my head I headed towards the pack house.

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