Chapter 14

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Rose's pov

Today we were travelling to Jake's pack for the wedding. He had been asking me a lot of questions. In the wedding only me, my family, lavender and her family and the mayor and his wife were outsiders. When we finally reached his pack I got out of the car and got a lot of strange looks from everyone while walking. Maybe because I was a rogue. I didn't care. At least they were not the hateful or disgusted looks like my previous pack. Right now all I wanted to do was focus on Belle's wedding. I was the maid of honour! There was a lot to do and there were only two days. I was careful enough to avoid jake after the car ride. I did not want him knowing the name of my old pack. I was scared that they will find me and will not only trouble me but also my family.


'Rose can I talk to you for a moment'. Jake asked. I nodded and he said, 'Rose when I came to your town I sensed some bad rogue activities nearby. I know your are a good werewolf. I think you and lavender should consider moving.' I was shocked by his words. I said, 'Byt my grandparents? What about them? They spent their whole life in that town.' I said sadly. 'Rose it's time to think practically. Right now don't think about it because there is such happy atmosphere around but once you go back move out of there as soon as possible. Actually, I am even thinking of offering you and Lavender a place in my pack to provide you safety but I know you won't accept it. So think carefully and take your Decisions ahead.'He said while leaving. I turned around and looked out of a window. Should I join Jake' s pack? At that moment Belle came in enquiring something about her dress. I smiled at her. Right now I am her maid of honour. Her wedding is what I need to concentrate on. I will take my decision once tye wedding is over.

OK, everything was ready. The garden was decorated. The food was ready. The preacher was as well. The bride was in her dress. Her hair and makeup were done. Belle looked stunning in her dress. 'Jake will not be able to keep his eyes or his hands off you Belle.' lavender joked and we all laughed. We both wore identical pink dresses with sweetheart necklines. Our hair was styled with soft curls and let down loose with a hair pin attached on the side. We all took a picture together. Belle looked so happy and so I was happy as well. This was for the first time I was involved in a wedding so actively. The maids called us and we knew it was time to go at the alter.

*Alexander's pov*

I was fixing my tie looking in the mirror. It was after a long a time that I was attending a wedding. Usually I would avoid attending them  but I had to go  to Jake's wedding for two reasons-his pack was neighbouring to mine and he was my childhood friend. I tried avoiding it but he said that if I don't come then he will break our friendship and he has very sweet surprise waiting for me. I sighed. What did he mean by sweet surprise? He said that for his wedding gift me and my beta had to mask our scent. He had gone insane.

I got into my car along with my beta who was also his friend as well. When we reached his pack and went into the church I found out he had made me sit on the third row on the far end where no one would even notice me. What the hell was this guy thinking?

He assembled soon enough and gave me a huge grin and mouthed 'surprise'. I shot him a glare and the music started playing. As the door opened I realized what he meant by sweet surprise because the most amazing scent hit me and made my wolf go crazy. I immedietly looked at the aisle and there she was, my Rose looking more beautiful than ever.

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