ache of crossroads

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ache of crossroads


nostalgic sweet, storms left debris. whirled some cotton candy dreams into blueprint reality, watched leaves fall. decisions, decisions - leapfrog never was my specialty.

with the eve of a year eventful, hearts race fast and search for new avenues. still got those same old plagues, still drifting. back and with a vengeance, sometimes. encountered some stretched up pains trying to take new steps; it can be so painful.

batted eyes at various activities, still laying in bed. stomach twinge, blistering femurs. a beat-up body still holds me back to this day.

still, trying to jump around, get ahead, running so fast to blur into scenery. need to stop, need to start, need to pull the emergency lever - lay dead(ish).

poked at last year's pain, hurts differently now. wanted so bad to get away - how spoiled it seems. asked for blessings and got the everyday. mending started slow.

want to get outside, crave those same old adventurous pains. still having trouble walking, need to make an appointment. getting there, getting there.

getting there, getting there slowly.

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