honeysuckle up high

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honeysuckle up high


(shoutout to revengeavenue, whose latest poem lure the lonely is what originally inspired this poem.)

for the honey that tempted blank escape inspired dreams of sated craving, woven within almost-heartful touches from someone whose heart seems lost. from one bitter fighter to another, wishing a little gift from the forces above.

and so maybe saltine hand strokes will sate a selfish heart, but taken once before; broken always breaks. too much void, and there are not enough words to describe feelings now that so many of them are tied up otherworlds.

still, subconscious mind wants to find you appealing so badly that it will poke and trick heartstrings into singing. tickled pink and glowing, but only in thoughts, only in mind. realistically sitting silent on benches, scrolling through the seasons and lying in wait. the prince was lazy so now someone has to save him.

would love for you to just give my heart a break, coil up ribbons tight and then! let them go, the marks remain, it's never the same, same old shatters left aching too long. frazzle dazzle, burn me up, left for dead. alive once again, no more love songs playing sick melodies through my head.

because it's quiet around here lately, and tick-tocking's planting panic. because if maybe we both throw both of our baggage in the same direction they'll collide and collapse. right? take the peace that was never there and twist it into something new, something's scared. something to beat at the darkening swelling tide pools spilling out of my ears.

it'd be sweet for a bit, sour for a while. let's walk down this troubling path for a mile (or two).

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