sometimes sunrise

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sometimes sunrise


a sometimes sunrise bleeds onto bedsheets and nestles with shadow, nook and cranny catapulted forth into great unknown. eyes opening, blinking rapidly in the face of unfamiliar dawn, too bright and cataclysmic.

and it's all kept strung too tightly, cords straining against the pull of opposing forces, delusion scattering daisy petals across tempting meadows.. so far. so so far away.

the glare creates more shadow to hide in, to watch pretty lights from. nebulas forming in tea leaves, leaning into slumber; away again, running far and flung between, the alleyways becoming safe havens from the too-pretty pictures. staring at nothing is better than grasping with eyes that cannot feel the same.

finding that up above... it's too good up there. life's a show, and everyone is playing their parts. and I'm watching. participating in breathing but not taking deep breaths.

in and out. knotting and clotting, the clouds are twisting into nightmares. longing to watch the stars falling one last time, maybe some company would suffice... but everything is far, and the burns taste like ice.

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