boy of freezing flame

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boy of freezing flame


been drawn to the fire so long it's a surprise you haven't been burned alive. stuck in your stomach; pit of absolution.

fingers reaching into candlelight, tickling flames leaving playful scars. you smiled as you stared, mouth turned straightline when you felt the heat.

and afterwards you yelped, but it was only from the pain of the aftermath. in the flames you found a kind of solace that you could only feel again in your dreams.

so, like playing with fire? he won't get burned, you'd never let him. the way he dangled fingertips over flames has you mezmorized, doesn't it? you knew you were doomed so long ago, boy of barren flame.

you're fire, but you're missing the one thing that so clearly defines the other flickering wisps locked in lamplight; you're so cold that ice slicks your bones.

because you're fire, but he's warm. not warm, hot - you know for sure that you'd really burn; you're sick of being cold.

and maybe at times he simmers, but you don't care. you've been freezing eons and you're holding back from reaching into his heat. the sparks make you jump, dizzy and smiling.

barren fire boy, fucked on wanting a warm affection. you wish you could embrace the cold -

but the heat makes you forget.

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