seaswept somersault

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seaswept somersault


as twin boulders corroded into unfamiliar circumstance, the background tune shifted into lilting and found a new pine, smelling like a blend of old and new, alluring and dangerous. I bought the air freshener, but now I want to lather up my insides in the same brand's soap.

mermaids split open a poor sailor's holy heart and asked what was inside of it, for they could not see or sense anything besides air. he only wailed, because all of his love had trickled out of his hole-punched heart. the longing he'd felt for the first mate had leaked down his bones and turned them saccharine, sweet enough to eat and sweeter to turn to fine dust. they wept with him - pain is relative, but also relatively infectious.

and should one day my heart lie hole-punched in the rough, I'd like the rain to fill me in. fill me in ways that boys chasing invisible phantoms never could, even if their induced fantasy leaves a flute trill in my headache. 

leaving bigger, badder pains behind, maybe I want you to fall in love with me. but what a great mess we'd become. seven chords tingling unruly left me longing for octaves, so unstable and close to an octet that I'd dizzy myself in pirouettes just to impress you, tripping over my own feet and collecting bruises. 

keep me closer, I whisper to myself, scribbling half-crying declaration poems in my math notebook because I can't keep my mind off you. it's better than nothing, and better than staring outside at the blue sky hugging the sun so far away from me; collapse in tears and wipe them away with fallen clouds.

hopeless lover, begging him to read between your clumsily drawn lines; you know he'll never bother, but you want to try anyway. a warm body and an intriguing soul, you can't resist, you're too weak. trip over your feet, somersault, falling into waves as you stare helplessly into his siren eyes.

he'll hypnotize you until you're pressured crystals in his gaze.

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