sway a still soul

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sway a still soul


(a/n: this is my second time using this song because I have a very great love for it. it inspired this poem into being.)

really want to show you the songs that inspired so many you flavored tongue twisters, but it may just be that the stars haven't lined up just yet. still belittling, still daydreaming, still catching stares and reorienting stupid. in a very specific moment of today, there was a look in your eyes that made me feel warm inside.

unlock doors that I've only heard in italicized words of midnight, aroma of adventure minus homesickness - I can't elaborate, you're too far. the lining of silver strums is laced with a steady heartbeat and a loss of the self. like bathing in the star-ridden sky; maybe you remind me of the sky. maybe that terrifies me.

still too far. feeling far from civilized love, watching network shows at 8pm. sleep with dreams of honey tinted peace, leaning into a warmer climate (hopefully hugged, but not now). I've been out stargazing on cloudy nights, and I know what it feels like. nowadays the clouds part for few of anything, but I'm having fun playing the part for a couple hours.

long for outstretched fingers and sighs to wipe away the thickest caramel tears, for headphones barely containing reverberating swells of my heart, in my throat, slamming back down into my dead stomach. for a pulse of finally finally.

because bold's way too strong, underline's stepping out, and italics are begging, fonts remain static but quiver when you turn your head. oh favorite longing, most decidedly fruitless longing, keep a heart dancing to a gentle cadence.

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