cherry ease

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cherry ease


sugary smiles and upended stomachs, today was a day three years ago. turntable heart. where there was once a drowning love are bitter thorns.

may have overstepped, but it's okay, there's no rush. slingshot connections went out of the ballpark, now they're just haphazard litter, spare an annoyed glance, will you?

happy on your own, or so I'm told by the media. personifications of a wilty heart always are so vibrant on the screen. misguided wrath, nip at ankles and hide in summer salts.

angry? maybe, but not at the leaves struck along by the wind. you'll once awake in a special form of hypocrisy, and what you do with it might bother the sea life.

sip at frozen fruit, turn red. not smiling anymore. not smiling for him anymore.

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