embracing one's inner skeleton

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embracing one's inner skeleton


forever lover, I saw your eyes glistening in the gutters of the darkened night, streetlights fuzzy in the watery excess of the everyday. recognizing the same in the rarest of company, drifting into late summer nights daydreamed. oh, how easy it seemed.

having no clue if you're tucked away or you've passed on by, regardless it's agonizing. the thought of you banishes days with less light, and also tugs them closer. such a horrible sensation to have cursed purgatory lips and invisible chain link fences surrounding them.

saw desire to leave etched in cloud friends, in silvery bloodstains teeming with dreams left seething. forever lover, how I long to let go of all that keeps me weighted to this mortal world.

finding unsolace in literally fruitless endeavors, with the want to ultimately deprive; it's a want that surfaces in times of great not-knowing. bathing in scented soap and regret, the decision always made to disregard mismatched feelings because they're always present anyway.

still up front and personal, it truly is a sin. forever lover, in my dreams you always listened. I'd love an ear and arms. not hungry anymore, never hungry anymore. sustenance exists in a far removed corner of the mind, and refuses to be sated nowadays.

abstract falling stars and pretty words locked in harrowed springtime, everything is connected in a tragic kind of melody. paperclip link a new static pulse, fading out waves to an insulated body. it's getting late and skeletons dance behind closed eyelids - smile and reach.

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