bleeding defense

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bleeding defense


deep breaths bleeding color across a wounded sky leave a waking blindness that shatters in the wind. it's all strung together by broken chords and pretty pictures.

tugging on bits and pieces of emotions that are crumpled on the floor, rainwater streaking down walls of feelings that stain. coming down faster, full on hurricane - eye's in the mirror.

always for the eyes, but not lately. fantasy feels utterly fruitless, absent for too long. fear-but-not-fear lingers that mineral is the final frontier.

waved into stardancing, blindfolded. heart twinges but rarely quivers; the stronghold's too secure. everything is in place and yet feels so wrong.

puzzle pieces are never supposed to be cut down to fit into the grand picture - and arriving with my jagged edges seems a bit impolite.

love's ran out, or hiding by - it might as well live while the rest of me dies. bonding in flame, nestling in heart.

sigh to sleep in empty sadness as the world stars to part.

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