bloody sonnetful

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bloody sonnetful


[inspired by 'when the universe meets your being' by gunsforplans]

so tragic how bleeding poets can never fall in love.

it's bliss in nature's comparations to your eyes and skin and lips on mine, but in acid rain feelings leave pages stained. words whispered nebulas into being and erupted, molded molten scraps into intricacies, delicacies. lipstick smudges and roses flattened by encyclopedias - so impassioned with the idea of love that it never occurred to seal any envelopes.

pricked by bushes that we loved to hide behind, catch a drift, caught up in hasty blooms and rose-tint hues. when the blood seeps down, it is stone that it leaks upon. so hardened by emotion, intense fantasy, left a soul gone pale. ill were the intentions of those lovely blossoms when they burrowed into our hearts and made us feel song. when they strangled and stung.

many nights the stars have held the company, for moonstruck mutterings of a romantic always find home in the sky, rather than another's arms; the empty night prefers to be filled with longing tears. bloody and crying, left barren by infatuation's swift punishment. praise love so long that it starts to drain dry.

for tonight and every night to come, cut-up poets stare up at the stars and lust for your tender touch.

[a/n: this is not inspired by spike (aka william the bloody) but I do feel like he'd agree with it.]

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