swimming in twilight

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swimming in twilight


are you pulling on my strings? the ones we threw to the wind, which caught to our hearts and wound us together. felt not tugs of the heart but tugs of state of mind - please do not suffer with me.

for I spent summers drowning in temperate gazing, stars crossed and dotted, edges tipped golden. saying over and over again about how we never should have seen our sky fall, how the stars owed us another day.

adored the solid veins that led me to your heart, the trail that I picked daisies off the side of to blush into. always going to miss that feeling. the feeling of you coloring my tears blue left sky streaks leaking down my forlorn cheeks.

but the arteries were a dense forest of unknown; the wind pushed too far and shivered down broken spines. blown away so far that your hallowed face is but a drifting collection of memories dipped in haze.

are you pulling on my strings? I stopped trying a while ago. pulling so hard with all my weight was making the dark grow, accelerated. missing you burned what was left of my heart - and the ghosts cry softer now, small tremors ripping open the larger cracks.

take me back please, time - take me back

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