the overwhelming courtesy of highland shades

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the overwhelming courtesy of highland shades


so much pent up pixie dust that it started leaking out in tears, sparkling dew drop red-rimmed eyes. it took years to perfect dizzy daydreams, but they're far from art. the art desired may hopefully be glowing, comfortable heat, nestling in a right place; no shoe clicks here tonight.

my dreams told me that you'd be here, I think we set a date. you haven't shown yet. all is well, though; time is rather relative in this world or the next. whether I'm caved-in, fingerbound by loathing to keep still, or out there, maybe showing some teeth, catching glances, it's the same.

I had always hated that kind of color, and yet gazing's feeble-legged slow-motion is inevitable. sometimes the blueprints are laid out in shaded highland, hesitant to start anything. somewhat dazing to watch, tentatively brushing away a waterfall to reveal a secret entrance. getting soaked waiting.

freeze frame. are the feelings free or caught in spiderwebs? are skeletons dancing in cupboard mouths, aching to waltz out into daylight? stretching bones, cracking joints, graceful nothings within a broken home (yours if you want it). secretkeeper, quiet boys know most. the only thing they don't know is how to love without pain.

come inside, while there's still time - begged the gods for a chance, some are not so merciful. Atropos may have taken some joy in snipping lifelines. gotta get you into my life, into addled pink mist of firsts and hopefully not lasts; drugs could be nice, but you smell nicer.

visions of helpless wonder are no help to the great escape - come alive, come alive, forget forgetful daze. setting wings on fire, it's alright. it's alright.

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